Photo Challenge. “Unusual” mother and son photo. ;)

I see that there’s a weekly photo challenge on WordPress. As the theme for this week is “unusual,”  I decided to post my most unusual Mother/Son photo, taken whilst on a Nile cruise many years ago. What a fun evening the Saturday night fancy dress party was. I even got to do a bit of Belly Dancing. Cool

There was a competition which involved wrapping a person in umpteen yards of toilet roll, until they were completely ‘mummified’. Our teenage son was the chosen ‘victim’ of a pert young lady who was at that time the reigning ‘Cotton Queen’ in her Texan home town. They won first prize, and I got to be the ‘Mummy’s mummy’. Laughing

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22 comments on “Photo Challenge. “Unusual” mother and son photo. ;)

  1. Fantastic! And definitely unusual.
    Only, it shouldn’t have been toilet paper. It should have been Nile-on!
    *escapes just in time to avoid being bashed by cross mummy*

  2. Great photo. I remember those fun occasions on the cruise ships. Their plan events always were a joy to take part in or just watch. Do you remember the Midnight buffays?


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