Weekly photo challenge: Movement #2

I’m so glad you all enjoyed my “Shamu” photo, for this challenge, and here are some more photos of a more personal nature, showing movement.

I rather enjoy hula hooping these days. I find it quite relaxing to do, and great exercise for the tummy muscles. In Punta Cana, I decided to show my little granddaughter how it’s done, and although I hadn’t done it since I was a child, I managed to get up to five hoops,

before they got the better of me. ;)

I got a photo from my son the other day. Now my little granddaughter is a couple of years older, she following in granny’s footsteps, or should that be “hula twirls.?” ;)

Here’s my belly dancing debut, and one and only performance, at a fancy dress party aboard a Nile cruise when we did our Egypt trip in the 90′s. I’ve posted it before, but thought it would also do for the “movement” theme.

Hope you enjoyed my movement pics.

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73 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: Movement #2

  1. that belly dancing must have been great fun.
    Your granddaughter does very well.
    I never managed more than the traditional 1 at a time hoola

  2. I haven’t touched a hula hoop in years and I used to love them when I was younger. I think I should get my hands on one sometime in the near future ;)

  3. Great pics (awesome,teehee! :P)! Nick LOVES and is very good at hoola hooping,brings much joy and laughter to watch his facial expressions when he gets more than one going,LOL! :)

    The DC

    PS: Sent you an email

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