Jake’s Sunday Post: Close-up

Jake’s Sunday Post challenge this week is “Close-up,” and he has put some amazing close-up images in his post.

I had a search through my photos, and found this one, taken when we were in Cairns at Kuranda Birdworld. We were just strolling along, admiring the different birds, when this one decided that he would like a close-up look at my hubby. He settled on his shoulder, and sat there for quite a while. He uses this as his Facebook profile pic.

My little granddaughter obviously has the same bird alluring charm as her granddad, and here she is in Punta Cana, also having a close-up with brightly coloured feathered friends.

This is the closest I’ve ever been to a Bison, and luckily I got this close-up out of the car window in Yellowstone Park. 8O

Well, as you may know, my son Jeff and granddaughter Sienna are flying up from Cape Town tomorrow morning, and I’ve been going around the house singing that song from “Annie,”

“Oh my son will arrive tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, he will come…” :)

I just looked on Facebook, and there was the perfect photo to end off my “Close-up” post. Today they were with friends at Babylonstoren in the Cape Winelands.

So think of me at 11am tomorrow, having my real ‘Close-Up’ family hugs at King Shaka airport. I may be a bit scarce on the blogs whilst they are here, as you may expect, but I’ll definitely see you around when I have the opportunity.

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70 comments on “Jake’s Sunday Post: Close-up

  1. I’m with everyone else: I love the picture of your granddaughter with the birds. However, it seems to me like she’s not so certain how much she likes them. I could be wrong though. I also like the shot of the buffalo.

  2. what great shots…my daughter would be running screaming…she is terrified of birds ever since one of our chicken latched on to the back of her leg – hope you have a great visit and that the weather has fined up for you

  3. Great close ups, adinparadise, infused with lots of memories and meaning! I especially love the one with your granddaughter and the birds. So colorful and multitexured!!

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