I’m so glad we’re a couple.

Ailsa’s travel theme this week, is “Couples.”

I’ve been a bit distracted for the past few days, as the other half of one of the most important couples in my life, has been in hospital undergoing an operation to replace discs in her neck. How inconsiderate of my darling sister to wait until I was so far away, before subjecting herself to the surgeon’s knife. I have been with her in spirit, and even dreamed about her on Thursday night, waking up on Friday with an extremely sore and stiff neck. :) Anyway,  thanks to Skype and Whatsapp, I’ve kept in constant touch with her and my brother-in-law. She’s come through it amazingly well, and is being allowed home today. She has never lost her sense of humour through it all, and yesterday I got this message from her. “Hi sister. Feeling fine. Bloody uncomfortable neck brace to be worn for 3 weeks, along with very unglamorous surgical stockings. Not  a pretty sight! At least I’ve got lipstick and mascara on, and Chanel No. 5.” That’s definitely my sister talking! :D

Here we are, the pair of us. I’m so glad that she and I are a ‘couple’.

We’ve known one another for over 60 years;  have played, fought, laughed and cried together. I have a fridge magnet photo of us , which has the caption, “Sisters by chance; friends by choice. “ We have such different personalities, but are the best of friends, and get along famously. Here we are dancing and chatting at my 40th anniversary party.

Love her to bits.

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100 comments on “I’m so glad we’re a couple.

  1. There is nothing more beautiful that longstanding, deep friendship and sisterhood! How lucky you both are to have it (and each other!) Wishing your sister all the best in her recovery!

  2. So awesome that you can party and get along with your sister. My sister lives way across on the other side of the country and I have to call her every now and then to say hello. If I didn’t call her I don’t think we’d keep in touch and I’m such an awesome person :) ha ha

  3. What a couple of babes!! (ooo, sorry, was I being inappropriate again?) Yikes!

    What I mean is…it’s great that the two of you get on so well and share an amazing life! How wonderful for you! :-)
    Hope your sis recovers 100% and soon manages to slip herself into something a bit more alluring then those surgical stockings. (jeez did I do it again?) :D

  4. Thank the gods for Skype! Wishing your sweet sis a very speedy and complete recovery! Hope that brace eases up a bit. What a lovely pair the two of you make.

  5. My best wishes to your sister, Sylvia. You are very alike and it’s so nice that you are so close. When it comes to family, miles just don’t matter. This is such a lovely post. :-)

  6. I am so pleased to hear all went well for your sister…. and hoping for a speedy recovery… a neck op can’t be pleasant … but lipstick and a pretty face like that who would look at a neck brace… go well.

  7. You lookalike,she’s also beautiful. I also have a sister that I love,we talk daily.,we chat through emails through out the day. I don’t know what will I do without her. nice post AD. :-)

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