Lovely weather for ducks

We have had so much rain here in West Palm, and yesterday whilst out shopping, one of the assistants asked us if we knew about the threat of Hurricane Sandy. Apparently the schools and some businesses were going to be closed today, just in case it should hit here.

Well, the danger seems to be over for us, and Sandy has moved on. I see that the storm is forecast to maybe hit New Jersey, where my son lives, on Tuesday.

Some of our local residents don’t seem to mind the extra water at all.

The Great Blue Heron has come back, and is definitely the king of our lake.

There’s always something to photograph here.

The local air force either stand elegantly on guard,

or entertain us with a spectacular ‘flypast’.

This afternoon, I have to go and visit one of the ladies on our committee. She has been writing the monthly article for our club magazine, and wants to pass the buck on to ‘muggins’ me. She phoned at 10am to say that she was off to her beautician and would only be home by 3pm. That sounds quite ominous. How do I compete with someone who firstly, has a beautician, and secondly, spends 4 hours  there, being beautified? :) Ah well, it’s really terribly windy here, so I’ll probably arrive with my hair  looking like these palm fronds, and say, ” Just look what the wind blew in!” :D

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, wet or dry. :)

Don’t forget to check out Cee’s post to see her amazing water pics.

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106 comments on “Lovely weather for ducks

  1. Did have to laugh at the image of you arriving at the becoifed woman’s house with storm-tossed hair – and so it should be! But what I came by for was a report on Sandy’s Florida itinerary – glad she’s kept some distance. Lets hope she veers back out to sea long before she reaches New Jersey. :)

  2. I like the hair like palm fronds line and hope the hurricane isn’t as bad as it sounds from the news up here. Thinking of you and will look for word that all is well.

  3. Your heron shots are wonderful… and I’m glad to hear you were spared by Sandy. She is supposed to touch down here by Sunday/Monday… I do hope she gets diverted to the ocean or some barren area. Happy weekend Adin and thanks for the blog love. ;-)

    • Thanks so much for the compliment. :) I’m sure there are enough happenings here to fill a page or so. I’ve had a few items thrown at me already…….now it’s just up to me to make the “white fly infestation” and “don’t put your garbage out before 6pm!” sound interesting. :lol:

  4. it is so relaxing watching the birds isn’t it? sometimes when i am at the terrace i just watch the birds in my garden and somehow it has that calming effects.. love your photos by the way..

  5. Glad that Sandy has moved on… I will hope for your Son to have very little of Sandy………..Enjoy your new duties….and what in the world does that woman do at the beautician for 4 hours ????????

  6. Your blog doesn’t want me to like it either (but it’s not just you – I’m finding it with other blogs as well) :(

    I love the pics – particularly the flying bird. I really hope your son will be okay and safe from Hurricane Sandy! (yikes!)

    As far as a beautician goes – some people need help with their looks and some don’t. From the pics I’ve seen of you, you definitely don’t need help in that department ;)

  7. I’ve been bouncing all over your blog, it’s wonderful. Each topic has it’s own charm. As a new blogger, I’m inspired by you. And thank you so much for stopping by mine\ours and liking me\us. (Hubby is still a little shy). : )

  8. Love the photos. That anhinga is great. At least the birds in all their plumage don’t spend four hours getting beautified. :) Hope the storm doesn’t kick up a notch. Just when we think we have gotten through the season…BAM.

  9. For a change I could “like” you as you can see. Those birdies you have there are a wee bit bigger than the ones I had and probably less demanding, too.
    I wouldn’t mind going for a mani and pedi, but otherwise a beautician is not for me.
    I hope the weather improves for you. We’re expecting rain again for a few days.

  10. So glad Sandy decided to visit elsewhere, though I hope she takes it easy on your son, too. Lovely, gorgeous bird shots (always a favorite of mine!) Should make up a wee bit for the lack of coast views…. maybe?

  11. Glad you managed to escape Sandy mostly unscathed Sylvia.
    Super photos of your neighborhood residents! Lucky you!
    And very cool to see an anhinga, love those guys!
    My ‘personal’ barber gets me out of the chair in minutes. :P ;-)

    • Thanks, Phil. Just very windy at the moment, which is my worst kind of weather. Hubby just has a #4, and that’s pretty fast. :) I go to his barber lady too for a quick trim.

  12. Smashing pictures Sylvia. The birds are lovely. They don’t seem to mind the wet at all. Lets hope the hurricane blows itself out before doing any damage. I don’t know what to say about the lady and her 4 hours at the beautician. Must have been a fairly major overhaul is all I can think. Perhaps you’ll publish your first article here as well as in the club magazine? I’d certainly be interested to read it. Have a wonderful weekend too. :-)

    • Thanks, Adrian. I think my ‘article’ will be more an update on the day to day goings on here, and telling people not to put their rubbish out too early. Maybe I can make it more interesting though. :)

  13. Why this blog does not want me to like it is beyond me. It just jumps to the top.
    Anyway, what would you want with a beautician? Don’t try to fix somrthing that is not broken!

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