Another day goes boat watching on a lovely sunny afternoon.

Last Sunday, we decided to go down to our local marina, to have a look at some of the boats on the intracoastal waterway. It was a beautiful warm, sunny day, and lots of people were out on the roads in their open topped sports cars. I saw a smart red Ferrari too, as well as dozens of couples out for a spin on their Harleys, with not a single crash helmet to be seen. Apparently it’s not the law here, and considered very uncool to wear one.

We found parking  and walked down to the path to the jetty, just in time to see a boat called “Pole Dancer” go whizzing past. We were too late to get a pic of it, but its female passenger would have required a very sturdy pole indeed. Surprised Sunday afternoon was a busy time on the water, and we stood for quite a while watching the boats. I occasionally waved to the occupants, who sometimes waved back. Here are a few of the ones we saw.

This one’s just “Nuttin’ Fancy.”

Here are two quite modest little craft out for a Sunday afternoon jaunt.

This one was full of people with their fishing rods, on their way out to sea on a four hour excursion to do a bit of drift fishing. The crew will bait your hook and clean your catch for you too. The family who owns this boat have been in the business since the 1940’s.

Then the road bridge suddenly went up to allow a much bigger craft to pass through.

Make way, make way, for the “Lady Delray.” These passengers were on a luxury two hour, narrated cruise, complete with cocktails and snacks, to view the beautiful mansions along the waterway. I think we’ll also have to go on that trip one day.

After our bit of boat watching, we thought we’d drive a bit further on to have a look at the beach, but Sunday wasn’t a good day to have chosen. The two car parks were both full, and there are huge mansions built all the way along the beach road, so there’s no way one can even catch a glimpse of the sea. Hubby and I were wondering how one makes enough money to afford to buy one of these beach palaces, and the huge yachts which are moored In the waterway just across the road. I’m sure that the annual property tax alone is more than we would get for our beach house back in South Africa. We decided that we’d missed the plot somewhere along the way for sure, but then I suppose that there are people who look at our lifestyle and think the same thing. The homeless man I saw sitting on the Armco barrier at the traffic lights today, looking in his little hand mirror and trimming his moustache, whilst his dog guarded all his worldly possessions under a nearby tree, would probably think so.  However well off you are, there will always be others who have so much more, so it’s best just to be content with what you have.

Well, I must really get on with the cleaning and polishing now, and then I intend to sit and play my piano for an hour or so, before gracing the gym with my presence. Wink

Have a great day everyone. Chat again soon.

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  1. Lovely boat pictures and of course the bridge going up. That’s a common sight along the canals in Holland.
    During the Cristmas holidays some of the job-less and home-less were given the job of selling the Rapport and Beeld to the Afrikaans holiday makers at intersections. That at least is better than standing around hoping for a few pennies.

  2. Yes, not a speck of litter to be seen here. 😉 Sorted out some of the problems so I can post again.

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