The absent father of the bride and AD gets a new toy

Hi again. Yesterday we had another delicious lunch, and on the table next to us was a party of six people. I learned that besides, “How ya dooin?” another popular  greeting here is, ” And how was your trip?” It seems that everyone is coming and going all the time. The “snowbirds” from up north keep popping back up there for a few days for family celebrations, and others go cruising on a regular basis. Travelling back and forth across the US is a very popular pastime.

This is why I found it quite surprising when we bumped into the guy with the SA anthropologist son-in-law again, and he told me that although his daughter had been married for over a year already, he had never met the new addition to the family. So my curiosity got the better of me this time, and I casually enquired, “So, you were’nt at their wedding then? Did they get married in South Africa?” “Oh no, it was in California, and I didn’t even know, until I got the call on Skype just as they were about to tie the knot. My daughter phoned me so that I could watch them say their vows.”  Apparently they had been going out together for five years before they got married, but had never visited the dad. I find that really weird, but obviously don’t know the circumstances. He just said that she’s very independent, whereas his other daughter is “more normal” and they see one other often. I joked with him then and said, “Well, maybe the next time you hear from her, it will be to tell you you’re a grandpa, and show you the baby on Skype.” He thought that was very funny, and replied, “I just hope it’s not from the labour room.” I do get into some strange conversations with people.

After lunch we went upstairs in the club house to explore, and found the library. I knew there was a place where people could donate books that they’d read, but had no idea that there were literally hundreds of bestsellers all lined up for the taking. They’re all neatly shelved in alphabetical order, and you just help yourself. Most of them are hardbacks too, not tatty old paperbacks. I shall take full advantage.

Yesterday the postman rang the bell, and there by the front door was a cardboard box containing my new toy. I have one in SA which I bought here, but like my piano, it’s a bit big to cart back and forth across the ocean, so I bought this lovely rainbow coloured one. I went out on the new patio to try it out.



It’s great exercise for the waistline, so every day, I shall do a few minutes with it, to music of course. Laughing

Now I must have breakfast and head off to the gym. Hope you’re all having a splendid day.
Have a great day everyone. Chat again.







6 comments on “The absent father of the bride and AD gets a new toy

    • It’s like riding a bicycle, optie. Once you’ve mastered it, you never forget. At least you can’t fall off a hula hoop. 😉

  1. Well I never, a hulahoop! Enjoy the twirling.
    The neighbours will watch, shake their heads and smile 😉
    The garden bit looks fabulous, and well-done again to C.

    • I probably won’t stand outside to do it. Just wanted to show off hubby’s handiwork. 😉

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