Of dyslexic dancing and quintuple hula hooping

Hi there, everyone. So what can I tell you? Not a lot really, but I’m sure to think of something.

On Friday night, we decided on the spur of the moment to go for dinner at the club, and were lucky enough to get a table for two. The food was wonderful as usual. I started with New England Clam chowder, and then had a really tasty Tagliatelle dish with Italian sausage, artichokes, tomatoes and a few other tasty ingredients which I can’t remember. There was hardly room for the apple crumble pie, but I did manage to make quite a dent in it. Our meal was interrupted by frequent visits from various other members, who couldn’t resist coming over to introduce themselves. They all seem to know that we’re “The South Africans,” and probably  just wanted to hear our accent. One elderly lady joked, “You’re really nice people, but you do talk funny.”  I think we’re quite the “exotic imports” to the club, as most people we’ve met here, live somewhere in America or Canada.

We went into our favourite furniture store at the weekend, and the assistant told us he used to lived in Durban North for years. He was flying to Johannesburg and Durban this very week on business. It’s a small world. Talking about small world, I found out yesterday that years ago, foot loose and I used to live only a few hundred metres away from one another. I must have driven past her house hundreds of times.

Last night, we went to Ballroom Dance class again, but I’m sad to report that hubby and I were really hopeless. We’ve missed three classes since December, and everyone else has been learning to samba, salsa, tango and swing. Last week, I really was getting quite into the swing of things, but this time, the instructor was going through the other dances they’d learned, and kept chopping and changing from one to the other. I can only cope with learning one thing at a time, and  was tripping over my own feet, whilst hubby was doing his own version. All the others seemed to be doing just famously. Anyway, I don’t think hubby and I will be appearing on “Dancing with the Stars” for quite some while yet. We seem to be slightly dyslexic, to say the least. We will however persevere, hoping the penny will eventually drop.

I was watching a couple of YouTube videos last night. One was a basic Salsa lesson, and the other one was of the 10 best Salsa dancing couples in the world. We have a long way to go. Frown

Ah well, at least I can hula hoop quite well, and if you don’t believe me, here’s a pic taken on holiday a couple of years ago when we went to Punta Cana. Tell me if this isn’t far more impressive than dancing the salsa? Wink

Have a great day everyone. Chat again soon.

18 comments on “Of dyslexic dancing and quintuple hula hooping

  1. I think that’s our problem adeeyoyo, and that’s why our hips ache so much afterwards, because we’re too tense. I’ll take some tranquillisers before the next lesson. 😉

  2. I am so glad your WP blog is now working, AD. I used to be hopeless at dancing because I could never relax into the music and was as stiff as a plank. However as I grew older I improved and overcame my inhibitions, lol!

  3. Sorry you’re struggling with the dancing AD.
    I have so much fun with it always!
    As for the hula hoops – very impressive! Not a skill i posess 😉

  4. I once did a belly dancing class with a friend and I knew then my dancing abilities were shocking. Suffice to say we were chucked out after a couple of months under the guise of the class was going to become “advanced” and no longer “beginners”
    Personally I think they didn’t like us laughing so much or not taking the wobbles so seriously! So hang in there, you might just be lifting that DWS trophy still 🙂

  5. Besides being left-handed I am also very left-footed and cannot dance a step if I tried. So you’re still better at the dancing than I am.

    As for the seated critic, like in any sport: the best coaches are on the sidelines.
    (de beste stuurlui staan aan wal)

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