Side View’s ‘Weekend’ challenge…….acrostic poem


W aiting eager for relaxation
E ach workday seems like a year
E ndless weekdays in between
K eep my eyes just fixed on Friday
E lusive though it often seems
N early there, the prize is waiting
D one with work and now I’m free

W here has all my free time gone to
E ven whilst I was enjoying
E very moment of weekend fun
K eeping work on the back burner
E njoyment seemed to be the key
N ow it’s Sunday, almost over
D amn, my weekend’s been and gone

Hope you’re all having a brilliant one.

8 comments on “Side View’s ‘Weekend’ challenge…….acrostic poem

  1. very cute this ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Weekend has been filled with the usual so far – washing, spending money, ill-tempered kids – oh the joys!!

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