A “monkey’s wedding” day in Florida.

Good morning again. Yesterday, we had such a lot of rain in the morning, and the gym was very busy. I could hear people grumbling because they couldn’t play golf or tennis. I saw my next door neighbour on the treadmill, and her husband on the bike. They hate to be inactive, which I think goes for many of the folk here. Even some of those who are not very mobile, attend classes for “Chair Pilates” and water aerobics etc.. I was thinking yesterday about how I’ve never seen anyone smoking here at all. The club is totally non smoking, although there are no signs up. I think it’s just understood. Many of the people look to me as if they had been smokers at one time, so it seems that as they got older, they became more sensible of their health, and gave up, preferring to play sport and exercise instead. A very wise decision, I think.

We went for lunch at the Oasis restaurant by the pool, and by that time, the weather had cleared, the sun was shining brightly and there were several people in the water and on the loungers. You really wouldn’t guess it was the middle of winter. As we were walking out of the foyer, I stopped to admire this beautiful flower arrangement. One of the guys walking through, jokingly said, “I hope you didn’t get me in the picture, or I’d have to confiscate your camera.” Well, I think he was joking.Undecided


After lunch, we went to do a little shopping, and it rained again. This sun and showers weather is what we always used to refer to as “A monkey’s wedding” weather when I was a child, although I’m not sure why.



I don’t have much news to blog about, except that we’re going to a Valentine’s lunch on Thursday, organised by the ladies committee, and there will be “snippets of opera” whatever that may mean. On Friday evening there’s a Valentine cocktail reception and dinner dance. Our social life is really looking up since we moved here. Maybe hubby and I will even take to the dance floor, if there’s a big enough crowd to get lost in. I’m so looking forward to it and I shall have a good excuse to wear my red dress, which hasn’t had an outing for a couple of years. Wink

Have a great day everyone. Chat again soon.


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  1. If the photo is taken outside in a public place and somebody is accientally in a photo they cant do much (such as asking you to delete the picture) apart from saying they aren’t happy. Inside a private building you need permission to take photos and must try to keep people out of the shot. They can ask you to delete as well, but cannot take you camera as it is then deemed to be theft.
    A monkeys wedding if I can recall my mom’s explantion, was something that would not normally happen on a clear day. The Afrikaans expression closest to it is “Wolf trou met Jakkels se vrou”.

    • Well, thank goodness I didn’t accidentally get anyone’s face in the photo, Paul. πŸ˜‰ Rooikat also gave me the Afrikaans version, except he had the jackal marrying the wolf’s wife. πŸ˜‰

  2. I will, Tandy. Yes, the chair Pilates caters for those who are really elderly, and can’t get down on the floor. Any exercise is good, I guess. πŸ˜‰

  3. Our weather has been seriously hot, even in the Cape.
    Not much rain in sight, either, although the weather forecast keeps on predicting it.
    Enjoy the Valentines lunch, cocktails and dance. If it’s crowded at the dance, just do the shuffle and hold on tight to each other πŸ˜‰

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