Thanks for my Blog Awards. ;)

My blog friends, Sonel  and Tandy have bestowed upon  me, the “Awesome blog content” award on Word Press. Thanks so much to you both for the wonderful compliment.

As with most awards, there is the dreaded acceptance speech involved, and this one requires that I share a few things with you about myself, using all the letters of the alphabet in turn. I will do my best to be brief, but unlike Tandy, who did marvellous one word answers, mine may be a bit longer. Laughing

A greeable is what I am most of the time, except when someone annoys me.
B logging takes a big chunk out of my day.
C lever is what my hubby says I am, although I think he’s just biased.
D ull is not how I would ever describe my life.
E nergetic in an elegant sort of way is how I would like to be.
F ine is how hairdressers describe my hair. I do NOTt need them to tell me that.
G randchildren are so precious.
H ealthy is how I would always wish to be. Who wouldn’t?
I nquisitiveness is a natural part of my makeup.
J ohannesburg was my home town for 30 years.
K indness is always appreciated.
L ove is the most important thing in my life.
M achu Picchu is the most awesome place I’ve ever visited.
N arcissistic people try my patience.
O bserving human behaviour is a fascinating hobby of mine.
P iano is an instrument I enjoy playing..
Q uotes: My two favourites are:
“To be wronged is nothing, unless you continue to remember it.” ~ Confucius
“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ~ Gandhi
R aspberries are my favourite fruit.
S avoury rather than sweet would be my choice.
T iny insects can terrify me.
U nexpected  meetings with friends, make my day.
V ivaldi’s “The Four Seasons,” is my best-loved piece of classical music.
W onderful man I married.
X ylophone was something I enjoyed playing at primary school.
Y ellow is a colour that doesn’t really suit me.
Z esty is how I hope the rest of my life will be.

Well that was quite time-consuming. One really has to work hard for these awards. I’m not sure who amongst you has already received one, but I would like to nominate Newsferret and Colonialist for the “Awesome Blog Content” award.


Sonel also gave me the “Genuine Blogger” award.

I would like to pass this forward to Jaycee68, Hope the Happy Hugger, View from the side, and Twoilps2. This one fortunately has no strings attached, so relax and enjoy. You are entitled to pass the award on to any blogger of your choice.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend.

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  1. Nice blog! Congrats on the Award.
    I too love Vivaldi.
    Have you heard John Williams play it? Mind blowing!

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