Side View’s challenge “Decision.” What to pack and what to leave behind?

Hi there everyone. Today has been a day of packing decisions for me. Undecided  I’ve had to decide what I want to take back to South Africa and what to leave behind. Usually when you go on holiday, you just pack everything and take it home, but this time it’s different. Anyway, I’ve done one case, mostly with pressies and a few winter clothes, some of which I’ll need in London. I see the minimum and maximum there is 3C and 16C, so I’ll definitely want a warm jacket when we get off the plane about 9am.

The workmen did a great job of enclosing the lanai with windows and sliding glass doors. This morning, we saw that Lizzie had decided to come back and check on the the new insect netting on one of the screen doors. She must have been patiently watching and waiting for the work to be finished, so that she could try out her refurbished hunting ground. She seems to like it………can you see that little smile on her face? Smile

We’ve made a start with covering the furniture and upholstery with dust sheets. The sight of it makes me sad, but I’m sure that the time will fly by until we are back here again. I’ve been getting a few e-mails from the Club telling of more wonderful outings, celebration dinners, and a Mexican poolside party in May. I would so love to be here for them.

We made another decision yesterday and bought me an iPhone 4S. Here, the price is two thirds  of what you pay in South Africa.The Apple Store was buzzing as usual, but we didn’t have too long to wait before a consultant came to help us. He was Spanish and although he told us he’d lived in the USA for 20 years, he spoke just like Manuel the waiter in “Fawlty Towers,” and I couldn’t really understand a word of what he was saying.

He asked if I wanted it set up for “The Cloud” whatever that is. Hubby said that we don’t have enough band width in SA for that, with only having 10GB a month, whereas over here we have 250GB. I don’t think “Manuel” had a clue what that meant, as he probably couldn’t imagine such a measly amount of bandwidth. He just shook his head in disbelief.

My new phone is white and beautiful, but I haven’t the foggiest idea what to do with it yet. He put all my contacts from my other phone onto it for me, so that should help, and I have a little booklet entitled “Fingertips,” which I shall study on the plane, and hope that by the time we touch down at Heathrow, I’ll know how to use my new toy. I think it will be great to take decent photos with my cell phone, instead of having to carry a camera around in my bag. Hubby also told me that I won’t ever get lost again, as apparently I can just tell it I want to go home and it will give me the directions. I’m dying to try that one out. Wink

I hope you all have a great weekend. I must finish those cases now. Think of me sleeping on the plane; well I hope I’ll be sleeping amyway. I may chat again from London if I find the time and the Internet connection.

21 comments on “Side View’s challenge “Decision.” What to pack and what to leave behind?

  1. Yes, as long as she stays on the outside, that’s fine with me. 😉 I’ll have a look at i-cloud when I’ve got more familiar with my phone. 😉

  2. i’m happy to see lizzie is taken care f while you are away – she is on the outside?

    dual homes, decisions every time.

    connect to the i-cloud, it apparently takes very little bandwidth. remember not to set a home loction that is really your home, in case someone steals your phone and keys at the same time.

  3. Have a wonderful trip. And as far as your new iphone … funny story. My son and I always had an Android and recently he went with the iphone. He LOVES it. I said to him, “I can’t believe you like the iphone so much more than your Android.” He said, “Yeah … well, I never knew what I was missing!” I think you will LOVE it. Have fun!! 😀

  4. i can promise you one thing AD, once you get the working of the phone, you will wonder how you’ve ever managed with anything else!!
    I love my phone 😉
    Hope the journey is a good one…

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