AD gets silicone implants. ;)

Hahaha…….. I thought that title might grab your attention. Laughing I’m afraid that I have to disappoint you though. They weren’t THAT sort of silicone implants. I went for my appointment with the eye specialist yesterday morning, hoping that he would say that I could start wearing my contact lenses again. When I walked into his consulting room, he asked. “So, how have you been?” “Highly irritated!” was my quick reply. He laughed and said, “Oh, you mean walking around without your lenses in?” He understood completely, and that was rather comforting. I had more tests, and he said that my eyes are 100% better than they were last week, but I must still continue with the drops and antibiotics, and I have to be patient without my contacts for another week, so that he can take accurate measurements for the operation. He then said that to help my dry eye problem, he would insert punctal plugs into my tear ducts to stop the tears from draining away so fast. I was amazed at how quickly and painlessly this was done. He has a very steady hand, but I suppose as an eye surgeon, he would need to have. Undecided He told me that these plugs are precision engineered from silicone, and are tiny miracles, even smaller than a grain of rice. So with that over, and the promise of almost perfect sight within the “forseeable” future, (pun intended), off we went home. When I told hubby about the plugs and that they’re made of silicone, he quipped, “Aha, so now you have silicone implants. That’s something to blog about, for sure.”

The route we take to and from the hospital, is along the coastal road between Umhlanga and Ballito, another seaside resort, and the sea views are spectacular on the way. It was the most beautiful day and the azure water was sparkling in the sunlight. I thought to myself how very lucky I am to be able to see all this beauty, and apparently after the cataracts are removed, the colours will look even better, as it will seem as though a veil has been lifted. There was a women in the doctor’s waiting room, who said that she couldn’t believe the difference in the brilliance of colours, since her op. I remember my dear old granny in England, losing her sight completely, many decades ago now, as the NHS refused to remove her cataracts until they got so bad, that she was blind, and it was far too late. We’re really fortunate in South Africa, that we have access to some of the best eye surgeons in the world, and I have great faith in mine.

Along the route we took, there is a particularly interesting and intriguing structure on a large plot of land, very close to the beach. This abandoned building is simply called “The La Mercy Ruin,” and try as I might to find out the story behind it, and why it still stands there on what must be an extremely valuable site with a magnificent sea view, I couldn’t discover anything at all. I found a pic of it on Google Street View, and also an aerial view which shows that this large ruined house stands in what must have been its own estate, although it’s now very overgrown with weeds.

What a desolate and sad-looking place it is now, literally gone to ‘rack and ruin’, and all covered in ugly graffiti. I would love to know who owns it, and also who used to lived in it. I suppose one possibility is that the house was never finished, because the money ran out. It seems destined to remain a mystery, but if no-one wants that prime piece of land, I’ll happily take it. Wink

Well, the weekend will soon be upon us, and now I have to decide what decadent dessert I’m going to take to my sister’s for Sunday lunch. I’m so looking forward to getting together with the family again.

Have a great day, everyone. Chat again soon.

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  1. Glad things are progressing well with your eyes! Yes, you dragged me in with the silicone implants…naughty naughty,,clever, clever 🙂

  2. Cool title….and almost as cool building 🙂 Never heard of tear duct implants either! Good to know you have a great eye surgeon!

  3. Isn’t it amazing what they can do nowadays… The intricate operations… All the best of luck, AD, although I’m sure you don’t need it! Do keep us in the ‘picture’, lol!

  4. Thanks, 68. The implants are so tiny that no-one will notice. 😉 I still would love to know the story behind that house, ghosty or not. Enjoy the weekend and hope next week brings good news. xxx

  5. Congrats on the implants AD 😉 You have now joined the rest of the silicone world!!
    As for the property – fascinating as it may seem, there’s been a rash of ghosty things happening to people I know – best to leave well alone 😉

  6. Your eyes will be fine,with the surgeon by your side. Happy long weekend to you too. 🙂

  7. When I was a child they only used cataract replacements from humans, now they are artificial, that is why there is no longer a many-year waiting time.

    My dry-eye syndrome was cured by a few years of pretty high doses of omega-oil (taken internally on the advice of the eye specialist)

  8. OH has had cataract surgery with further laser modifications and it has been amazingly successful, I am sure yours will be too.
    What weather we are having in Cape Town today, hectic thunder and lightning storms and torrential rain. The thunder literally shakes the house, hope its a sign of a better long weekend with all this stuff out of the way. Have yourself a lovely longweekend too AD.

  9. I saw that cataracts can develop as early as 30, although the average age for their removal is early 70’s. My mom had hers done last year when she was 86, so I guess it varies from person to person.

  10. good one AD. 🙂 you got me intrigued with that building, and like you couldn’t find a thing about it on the internet, other than it is a local landmark of the area. have a great looooooooooooooooooooooooong weekend

  11. “He has a very steady hand, but I suppose as an eye surgeon, he would need to have.” Ummm…….yeah! 😛 I’m glad you have that Dr to help you with the eye issue,my friend. Good vision is something most of us take for granted until there’s a problem with it. Be thinking about you dor your procedure coming,but in the meantime,we all know perky eyes are importent,heeheehee 😛 🙂

    That IS a very interesting structure 😀

    The DC

  12. Oh dear I may get them too then?
    I have catteract (makes me feel really old but now I hear of a guy of 30 too )going to the surgeon on monday and I am pretty upset but i suppose it is not that bad…

    I know I will get nice new glasses though

    • I saw that cataracts can develop as early as 30, although the average age for their removal is early 70′s. My mom had hers done last year when she was 86, so I guess it varies from person to person.

  13. I had never heard of the silicone plugs they put in your eyes but I had cataracts removed from both of my eyes, done three weeks apart. The surgery is painless even though you are wide awake while they perform it. Once bandage (the next day) is removed you won’t believe how clear and vivid the world looks. I always wore glasses and not having to wear them again (only for reading) was a miracle to me. If someone gives me that run down house and all that land, I’d move there. Praying and wishing you the best on your surgery.


    • For sure, I would also love that house with the beautiful sea view and beach access, Francine. I’m so happy that your eye ops went really well, and look forward to mine. 😉

    • I’m sure it’ll be just fine, and people tell me that you don’t feel a thing. It has to be done anyway, or I could end up like my Gran. ;( Glasses were just such an impractical option for me, with playing the piano and having to watch the schoolkids at the same time, when I was teaching. I’ve just become used to contacts. They work for me.

  14. Hehehe sure got my attention. Hope it all comes right without a lot of pain. Eyes are very precious 🙂

  15. Your title made me smile… I am so glad to hear that your eyes, will be better soon. This is amazing medical news… As always you captured such a nice and interesting photograph… Thank you dear AD, Have a nice day, with my best wishes and love, nia

  16. LOL! I am sure you will get lots of attention with that header! I know by now you don’t go for stuff like that but I am glad to hear your eyes are getting better hon. It’s great to have an awesome eye surgeon like that. 🙂

    What a stunning place! Can you imagine what it will look like if spruced up? What a pity it’s just standing there. Great shot. 🙂
    Have a great weekend hon and take care!
    *big hugs*

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