Side View’s challenge. “Impossible.”

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. ”  ~ Dalai Lama

Sidey’s challenge for this week, is “Impossible.” I’m sure we’ve all surprised ourselves at some time, by achieving or doing something which we would never have thought possible. I suppose, the trick is to believe that we can, and if we think we can, then it’s very likely that we will manage it somehow.

Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, and the creative force behind an industry of unprecedented size and wealth that in only a few decades permanently changed the economic and social character of the United States, once said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way, you’re right.” Not everyone can aspire to be as famous or wealthy as he, or other such entrepreneurs, like for example, Richard Branson and Bill Gates, but in our own way we can make our dreams come true with a positive attitude and hard work.

The beautiful actress, Audrey Hepburn is credited with this quote, and it’s very true, isn’t it?

We all feel at times that what we wish for is beyond our reach, but if you keep striving towards your goal, it’s more than possible that you’ll get there one day. Sometimes the only thing needed to make the impossible dream come true, is patience. Often, we give up too soon, and maybe, just before our dream was about to be realized.

Have a great day, everyone. Chat again soon.

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  1. Funny that this was the first post I had in my email this morning AD. Just told hubby this morning that I had a dream about Mathys Roets. He was paralyzed in a bike accident and is a great singer. In my dream I stood by him and had to give him this message : “Everything is possible” and then I was in another dream and he was standing on stage, singing…with so much joy on his face because he could walk again. And now your post. Now I am having gooseflesh all over. LOL!

    Stunning post sweetie! Have an awesome day! 🙂
    *big hugs*

  2. How right you are. All things are possible if we only believe and work towards our dreams. At first I didn’t believe that I could retire early, but once I started planning for it, it became possible and now I am living out my dream. Thanks for your post.


  3. She is one of my favorite artist and I have her book but not read yet… She is beautiful, so beautiful with her heart and soul… Thank you for this great quote of her. With my love, nia

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