If you’re experiencing an unmanageable influx of comment e-mails, as I was, do go to tita bud’s blog, and do your bit to prevent all your blog friends from having the same problem. The remedy is really simple. She gives step by step instructions on how to stop this annoyance.


Hi everyone! I decided to write this (temporary) post about the barrage of emails re: comments that I think some of you have been experiencing recently. I was mostly offline these past days so I wasn’t aware of it until someone called my attention to it after she commented on my post today.

WordPress made changes in our comment forms so that the ‘Notify me of follow-up comments via email’ option is now checked by default. If you forget to uncheck it, you receive a lot of emails about subsequent comments on that post.  

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    • You’re welcome, 68. Now I just have to remember to untick the box on other people’s posts, which I keep forgetting to do until it’s too late. ;(

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