Ships and boats from my travels.

Hi again, everyone. Whilst I was looking for photos for “Vehicle,” and before I’d read the guidelines properly, I found some pics of boats that I’d seen or been on in the course of my travels. Sea-going vessels didn’t qualify for the theme, but I thought I’d just do a post about water transport. Of course I have a great variety of pics, but here are just a few of my favourites.

This is a Nile cruise ship just in front of ours, on our  trip which took us from Aswan to Luxor to see many of the temples, most notable of which were the Temple of Queen Hapshepsut, the Karnak temple complex at Luxor, and of course the Valley of the Kings, which was spectacular. Here, we were alongside the Kom Ombo temple. We spent a very happy and entertaining week aboard, and I even got to impersonate a belly dancer at the fancy dress party.

The hydrofoil across Lake Titicaca took us from a resort outside La Paz to Copacabana, with stop-offs at Moon Island and Sun Island on the way. As you can see, we were the only passengers, apart from our guide. It was a wonderful sensation, speeding across the glittering lake in the bright sunshine, with the snow-capped Andean mountains to our right

These long-tail boats, known as ‘Ruea Hang Yao’ in the Thai language, are on the beautiful Phi Phi Island in Thailand. We did a day trip to this paradise, from Club Med Phuket, which also included a visit to Kho Phi Phi where the film, “The Beach” was made. We didn’t see Leonardo diCaprio, or a giant Marijuana plant. Laughing We have another trip booked there for early next month, and I can’t wait.

Our Venetian gondola ride last year, was a real highlight of our Italian tour, mainly because it was so funny. As you can see, our gondolier doesn’t look like the happy, singing type, and certainly wouldn’t pass the audition for Gilbert & Sullivan’s operetta, “The Gondoliers.” We set off under the Bridge of Sighs, and as we sailed along, we asked our boatman to sing to us, but he said that would be extra. LOL! The guy in the gondola in front of ours started to sing “Buona serra senorita,” and ours joined in, albeit somewhat halfheartedly. A local man walking along the path, called out to us in Italian, “He can’t even sing. Why don’t you just tell him to shut up?” We creased ourselves laughing, but ‘Mr Sourpuss’ did NOT look amused. Frown

Here is a vessel we intend to take a trip on when we return to Florida. We went boat watching one day earlier this year and saw the luxury motor boat, The Lady Delray, which takes one on a leisurely two-hour narrated tour from Veteran’s Park through the calm waters of the Intracoastal Waterway, and past some of the area’s most beautiful mansions. We’ll be able to see a variety of marine life in its natural habitat, and learn a little about the area’s history, all this whilst snacking on tasty morsels and sipping cocktails. I’m so looking forward to it.

This vessel in the play area of our local mall in Florida, might not be a real boat, but it does contain my two gorgeous little granddaughters, so I thought I’d put it in anyway. Wink

Have a great day everyone. Chat again soon.

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  1. Nice pics,especially the one your granddaughters paddling,:-)
    Enjoy your weekend AD!

  2. Great pics,my friend-looks like y’all had a grand bunch of adventures 😀 The smile on your face is bright enough for the two of you (gondolier and yourself) anyways 😛 🙂

    The DC

    • Thanks, optie. Yes, one day when I’m old and grey, with a bit of luck, I’ll still have my memories. If not, I can look at my photos. 😉 xxx

  3. WOW! Wonderful photographs you captured and I made a little voyage through them… You are so beautiful dear AD, and it was so lovely this opera singer man 🙂 But how romantic city… And your granddaughters… they are so lovely, blessing them. How interesting, I made a reblogged today one of my beautiful blogger friends’ posts…. When you see, you will understand why I remember now with your last photograph… it gave me the same image for a moment… Thank you dear AD, have a nice day and HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY. lOVE, NİA

    • Yes, I saw what you meant about that beautiful cake, nia. It was lovely. Thanks so much for your beautiful comment as always. I hope you also have a very Happy Mother’s Day. Hugs to you.

    • Hey there, Francoise Hardi. 😉 I think that should be my theme song, or maybe “Stranger in paradise.” 😉 Happy weekend to you, pc44. xxx

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