AD is celebrating Mothers’ Day

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”  ~ Elizabeth Stone

Sidey’s weekend theme, “A hug or a kiss,” seemed to me very appropriate for Mother’s Day weekend. What can be more wonderful than getting a hug and a kiss from those you love?

Some people deride the ‘commercialisation’ of Mother’s Day, saying that you should just show your love and appreciation every day, not only on one special day of the year. For those mothers and their children who live far away from one another, and have to make do most of the time with phone calls, Skype calls, and photos on FaceBook etc, I believe that this day is really wonderful. Of course I know that my son and daughter love me to bits every day of the year, but on Mother’s Day there’s an extra special bond of cherishing one another. It’s a celebration of being a mother and having a mother. Most of the year when we’re apart, our virtual hugs and kisses are made up of OXO, and as tasty as Oxo might be, it’s not nearly as delicious as chocolates, or as pretty as flowers. Wink

So, I’m really blessed to have such loving offspring, and they’ve really spoilt me from afar, this weekend.

Hubby, not to be left out of the celebrations, gave me a lovely card and this stunning orchid. How lucky am I?

I don’t have either of my children here today, but we’re off up the hill this morning, to take my dear Mom some flowers and chocs, and then out for a special lunch.  Wishing all you mothers out there, lots of hugs and kisses, whatever form they come in, as your families show you how much they treasure and appreciate you. I would also like to say a special ‘thankyou’ to my daughter and daughter-in-law, who by becoming mothers, have made me a very proud and happy granny.

Have a great Mother’s Day. Chat again soon.

25 comments on “AD is celebrating Mothers’ Day

  1. The flowers are beautiful,I got a card from my 3yr old son he had handpainted from creche,the best one ever. 🙂

    • That’s lovely, matron. Long gone are the days when my two used to bring home such treasures. ;( Thankfully that training in creche and nursery school, stood them in good stead for their future. Hence the flowers and chocs. 😉

  2. Yours is a wonderful tribute to Mother’s Day. Enjoy it and the time spent with your own mother at lunch, especially. You are, indeed, blessed. 🙂

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful day 🙂
    wish you many more super-duper happy mothers day on this day and everyday 🙂

    • Hi there, Liz. Yes, I think it sums up how we mothers are always thinking about our kids, however far away they might be. It’s like there’s a dotted line, connecting us to them.

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