Weekly photo challenge ‘Summer’

Summer is such a lovely time of year, and the photo I chose for this challenge, was taken on the beautiful Isle of Capri at the end of last summer. The weather was hot and sunny, and I remember that I was just longing for something cool. Coming towards us along the path, were a couple, both eating ice creams. I asked them where they’d bought them, and although they didn’t speak English, they pointed back the way they’d come of course. πŸ˜‰ Just around the next bend, was the very welcome sight of this kiosk, which advertised that they sold the best ice cream in the world. It had a lovely green awning, and it was utter bliss to stand in the shade for a while, enjoying my strawberry gelato. A delicious, cool, summer treat.

33 comments on “Weekly photo challenge ‘Summer’

  1. Goodness, how some people can’t even copy straightforward addresses. It’s amazing that it found its way to you eventually.

    It must be an ex south African who recognized what he name should be

  2. Twas on the Isle of Capri that I saw her:
    She was blonde and was eating an ice;
    It looked ent-icing when held thus before her,
    And I’m sure that the flavour was nice.

    (Did you expect some less original lyrics?)

  3. Nice πŸ˜€

    The DC

    (I’m getting good at these one word comments,eh? :P)

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