Jake’s Sunday Post: Road

The real winners are not those at the top but those who have come the farthest over the toughest roads. Your victory may never make the headlines. But you will know about it, and that’s what counts. Ernest A. Fitzgerald

Jake’s Sunday Post challenge “Road” had me searching through my photos. Hundreds of roads to choose from, but I’ve chosen a few of those which I remember the best.

Here we were in a busy main street in Hong Kong, one of the best places to shop in Asia, and an added bonus was, no sales tax. 😀

The main road on the French Polynesian island of Bora Bora, was definitely not a shopping Mecca. 😉

I never realized just how wide the Great Wall of China was until we actually walked along it. The section of the Great Wall at Badaling, is about 26 feet high and 23 feet wide at its base, large enough to allow six horsemen to ride along the wall. In mountainous northern China, it served as an elevated highway in ancient times. It was very impressive to see in reality, and we did what tourists do; wandered along it, snapping photos.

Of course we didn’t walk the full length of this road, as it stretches for almost 2,500 miles, from Central Asia to the East China Sea. 😉

At the end of our Li River cruise, we finished up in Yangshuo. As you can see, there’s not a car in sight on the road through this town.

On our way from Las Vegas to San Francisco, we stayed overnight at a place called Bishop in the spectacular Eastern Sierra region of California. The next day, we turned onto Highway 120, the road through Yosemite National Park. You may notice that I wasn’t dressed for the snow. It was the beginning of July, and I’d assumed that being summer in California, it would be really warm.

Another very snowy road, is this one on our way from Thermopolis to Rapid City, on our road trip to Yellowstone Park. We didn’t expect that at the end of May, we would have such wintry weather and with blizzards too.

Driving along the road through Yellowstone, we encountered some rather unusual pedestrians. These Bison thought the road was built for their use. At one stage, we had to wait behind a whole herd, until they decided to move off the road and back onto the grass.

This beach-side road in Bali, yielded quite a few treasures worthy of purchase.

Here is one of the roads through the main shopping area of Phuket. As you can see, once again,  the main mode of transport in this Asian town, is also by bicycle and motorbike.

Well I guess that’s enough roads for one challenge. My post is beginning to remind me of that old Bob Dylan song, “Blowing in the wind………..How many roads must a man walk down…….”

Have a great day everyone, whatever road you may be travelling on.





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  1. Such a fun road trips. No sales tax is always a great thing…gives us more stuff to buy right ? exciting images my friend. Looks like you had a wonderful time. i’m happy for you.

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  3. Nice collection of different roads in different places. Having a great time, huh.
    I perfectly love the Great Wall of China, hope I can go there someday. 🙂 Very nice post!

  4. *puff, pant, gasp* You are a prolific poster! It has taken me a heck of a sprint to go through the posts I have missed. All excellent, of course.

  5. As usual stunning photos! I love the opening quote, it reminds me of the person who completes the comrades with one minute to spare 🙂

  6. Take me to Bora Bora, immediately! Anywhere with no roads’ll do for me. But I do have a hankering for the Great Wall of China. One extreme to another! Great post Ad!

  7. Excellent work for this week theme my friend and I love all of it, Thanks for sharing your wonderful collection of inspiration 🙂

    • Funny you should ask that, Gilly. I always have an ice cold rinse after my shower. It really wakes me up! 😆 Maybe I’ll blog about the benefits one day. 😉

  8. I’m thinking you may have learned why we tend to dress in ‘layers’. Amazing how the weather can change given a few miles or a few hundred feet of altitude. When I first lived in California, I loved the fact that I could drive a few hours to be in the snowy mountains, but didn’t have to live in a place that endured snow otherwise.

    • The layers are a great idea, Gunta. We have much the same here, with the Drakensberg mountains only a couple of hours drive away from our place on the coast. 😉

  9. Oh dear AD, shorts and snow and you still managed a smile. Only a model can do that:-)

    • My dear Flower! How wonderful to see you here. I’m fine thanks. Hope you’re having fun in Germany. You should try some of the challenges. They’re fun and easy to do, and it would get you started again. If you look on my last few posts, you’ll see the links to the challenges. Hugs to you.

  10. Now THAT’S a temp change! I’ve always wanted to pedal the Great Wall (big surprise,eh? 😛 )

    The DC

    • No surprise at all. Why not, indeed. 😉 It would be rather hard on your tires though, as when you get past the tourist bit, it degenerates to that ice cream you love, “Rocky Road.” 😆

      • I’d be fine,I’m a mtn biker at heart anyways,LOL,only ride road because it was there,and my mtn bike has 29’x2.3′ fat tires (the road bike has skinny knobbies,and the cargo bike is a mtn bike with fatties too) 😛

  11. I thought this post was amazing and full of great and vivid information. I didn’t know the wall of China was that long. You have given us a road trip to many countries that I was able to see through your photos. Thanks.


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