Girls just wanna have fun.

Some of you asked for lots of photos of my son and granddaughter’s visit, so here are just a few.

So at last the waiting was over, and at just after 11am yesterday morning, my impatience was rewarded when they appeared through the glass doors, at King Shaka airport.

It was so great to get those hugs I’d been dreaming of, and we’ve been really busy since they arrived. Sienna was fascinated to see and feel how sunny and warm it is here, and asked her dad, “How can it be summer in Umhlanga when it’s winter in Cape Town?”

She loved her walk on the beach this morning,

The fishermen were out in force. I had to wonder if this is their full-time job, or if they’re on ‘sick leave’.

Yesterday’s visit to Mugg & Bean coffee shop, gave her the chance to make her own hot chocolate complete with marshmallow pieces.

At lunch today, there was a lovely little playground which she really enjoyed.

Then it was up to Gateway to do some shopping for pressies to take back home. A ride on the London bus,

and the New York fire engine were requested.

which we

Then it was into the movies to see, “Brave” in 3D, which was really great fun.

Tonight we went out for dinner to “Splashes”, and she made her own pizza, with the help of the chef who was really friendly and chatty.

She chose her own ingredients; ham, pineapple, cheese and bacon.

It turned out very well indeed.

Tomorrow we’ll be driving up the hill to see Sienna’s great-gran and my sister and family, and then we’re going for my very belated birthday lunch at the Ammazulu Palace, which I’ll tell you all about next time.

Please forgive me if I don’t find time to comment on some your posts at the moment. Life is a bit of a whirlwind, with so much to do.

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  1. Sienna is just beautiful (and your son’s a cutie, too!) So glad you have this time with them – these will be great memories for all of you!! Thanks for posting the pictures – been thinking about you! πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi there AD, I put you on my list for the Versatile Blogger award. But I see you have already received one. I love your blog so I’ll have to think of some other award for you that would be appropriate. Keep well.

  3. At the moment you are happier than a piggy-wiggy in mud? Glad they made it to you and hey, it’s still heavy winter over here in CT – although the sun is coming out now. Hope you are having a blast!

      • You still have your son now and we’ve got none! Late yesterday afternoon it started again – wet, wet, wet! I think this roof is leaking – maybe cause of all the wind? Oh and wet cat! Shame, he wants to nuzzle and actually likes being towel dried! Fluffy kitty.

  4. I can see why you were so impatient!! And they got out of Cape Town just before the real bad weather struck. Been pouring and galing since midnight.

  5. You’re granddaughter looks so lovely. She’s adventurous and so eager to explore, learn and sharpen her skills. That’s just the way to go with the kids, and not just focus in front of a screen

  6. AWESOME (there’s that word,but hey,I haven’t been using it much lately πŸ˜› ) post,she looks so cute and happy! I needed a good smile today too,thank you πŸ˜€
    The DC

  7. it looks like so much fun, love the idea of making your own hot chocolate, Sienna is gorgeous and loving being with you ….. have a very special birthday lunch!

  8. I am so glad everyone finally arrived and all of you are having such a good time together. The fun has just begun. Memories are made for times like these. Your granddaughter is very beautiful and your son is handsome. Thanks for sharing a little bit of them with us.


  9. I love that she made her own hot chocolate and Mug & Bean and that she was the chef at the pizza place. Pineapple and ham. Nice Hawaiian pizza πŸ™‚ Great pictures. So cute!

  10. So adorable!! So happy that you’re having so much fun! So strange..I just used that song “girls just wanna have fun” on my post, half an hour ago….have the best, best, best, best time together!!

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