Travel theme: Sunsets

When I saw Ailsa’s new travel theme pop up in my inbox, I knew that I had to share these photos taken in Venice last year. We had just arrived by speed boat taxi, at the San Clemente Place Hotel, which stands on its own island of San Clemente We stood transfixed, watching as the sun went down over the Venice Lagoon. I still have to do a post on the Venice leg of my trip, but here are just the sunset photos for now.

It’s very early on Sunday morning here, and I’ve been lucky to be able to get a strong enough internet signal to post this, probably because most people are still asleep. I’m having a great and busy time here in Johannesburg, and will tell you all about it when I get back home next weekend. My son and granddaughter go back to New York on Tuesday evening, but hubby and I are staying here a few days longer to attend our eldest granddaughter’s academic award ceremony on Thursday. I do manage to pop in occasionally to some of your blogs, but will catch up properly when we return home. Missing you all lots.

107 comments on “Travel theme: Sunsets

  1. Dude. Venice looks so awesome. And I’m not only jealous that you got to witness these spectacular sunset but that you were probably eating an awesome authentic pasta dish with some wine. So jealous.

  2. Stunning and romantic pics AD! Good to hear you are having an awesome time with family…x

  3. What a gorgeous sunset, and in Venice of all places! I’m sure it was an amazing experience!! πŸ™‚ Have fun for the rest of your time in Johannesburg!

  4. My favorite is the second, but they’re all breathtaking. So glad you’re having fun. Keep it up! We’ll be here waiting to hear when you get back.

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