Looking up whilst checking out our beach.

Marianne at East of Málaga featured me in her photo challenge this month. The theme is ‘Looking up’, and she has posted some awesome photos taken from down below. As some of you may know, I’ve been away from my beach house for almost a whole week. Today was a spectacular day weather-wise, so we just had to take a stroll to get our fill of healthy sea air, and check out the beach. The lighthouse beckoned us  from a distance, as we walked along the promenade.

When we got close, I looked up, and this is what I saw. Do you see that chip out of the plaster right at the top?

There were quite a few people around, and I was wondering which one of them was the owner of this car.

I don’t like to get too close to “nut-cases,” and anyone who would pay good money to secure this car registration plate, must surely qualify as one. 🙂

This next photo definitely won’t do for the challenge, because it was taken ‘looking down’ from the end of the pier. You can see why this seaside resort is called Umhlanga Rocks. The ships really do need that lighthouse.

A bit further along, I looked up at the quite recently built ultra-expensive apartment blocks which now block out the sun from the beach, for the best part of the day. 😦

Here is a shot looking up at the sun through this tree filter.

Now for a totally unrelated couple of ‘looking up’ photos. First one is of hubby doing his trapeze act in Phuket a couple of years ago. I was utterly ‘gob-smacked’ as I looked up at him merrily swinging away upside-down. My very own Tarzan!

Anyway, as some of you may have already seen, I got my own back when we were there this year, by insisting on trying out the parasailing over the bay at Patong. I don’t think he could quite believe that it was his scaredy-cat wife flying around up there. 😆

Now I have to feature two blogs, which I follow.

I have chosen Gunta whose blog is called “Movin’on.”  She posts the most awesome photos, mostly, but not exclusively, of her beach on the Oregon Coast. I have been following her for a while now, and always look forward to each new post.

Second up is Lisa of the “I write what I like” blog. She is from Durban, South Africa, but is now living in France, where she runs her own chalet.  She skis in winter and hikes the Alps in summer, and posts the most breathtaking photos, together with tales of her adventurous life there.

I do hope that you will take time to visit these two blogs, and enjoy them as much as I do.






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  1. Hi AD…thank you…Just got back from a visit to Brighton. My Sister has the big C and was given 6 months a couple of months ago…She has defied all odds and doing better but still quite weak!!

  2. Isn’t it sad when progress destroys something else? The aprartments are beautiful architecturally yet they block the sun from the beach. Their beauty is minimalized because of it. The clarity on all the photos is perfect.

    • Yes, progress isn’t always in everyone’s interest. There were many objections to the proposed height of those apartment blocks, but money won out, as it tends to do these days. 😦

  3. Is it my imagination or is the lighthouse leaning to the right?
    Super photos as always – here’s to Tarzan and Jane, long may their adventures continue!

  4. Nutcase? Don’t these people realize that personalized plates = easy to track down if you drive like a chop? e.g. every time I see PMS24/7 driving in the road I want to throw a brick at her car because she never stops at pedestrian crossings. As for MVG, the fat lazy slag – she lives 4 houses down from her yoga class and yet she drives. Oh, she also parks on the pavement and in handicapped bays – I can name some more and yes, I am way too observant for my own good.

    As for the pictures, lovely jubly!

  5. Great work my friend…..Your photography always surprise me a lot so stunning
    …..Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. These just bring back images in my mind of when as a kid we always went to Umhlanga on holiday, the light house was a huge attraction to me as a boy of 7 or 8, could stand for hours watching the light circulate at night… That new apartment I haven’t seen…lovely blog and post… love it…

    • I’m so glad my photos brought back good memories, bdt. We’ve always loved this place ever since we first started coming down here on holiday in the 1970’s. It’s changed dramatically, but you can still recognise certain landmarks. The lighthouse is of course the one that stands out most. 🙂

  7. Beautiful photos fitting the CBBH Photo Challenge perfectly.

    I wonder how the paint came to be missing from the top of the lighthouse?

    You are quite a pair of dare-devils – you and your hubby, aren´t you? I wonder what you will get up to next?

    Right, I´m going to hop over to Gunta and Lisa´s blogs to say HELLO.

    Well done, AD. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Marianne. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Gunta and Lisa too. I can’t imagine how the top of the lighthouse got damaged. It’s not as though it somewhere where people could bump into it by accident. 🙂

  8. Great photographs, I don’t like personalised number plates, the Americans have the right terminology for them ‘vanity plates’

  9. It’s been a bit since I used it,the word,and it fits,so….AWESOME!!!! 😀

    The DC

  10. What does Umhlanga mean, exactly? The Rocks I get, but only description I find on Umhlanga is “dancing reeds” or some such. Can that BE?

  11. Thanks for the mention ad and I must say the feeling is very much mutual (the looking forward part!) I’ll be checking out Lisa’s blog per your suggestion.

    I’m loving that last picture of you! That looks like such fun!

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