Ailsa’s Travel theme: Silhouette

Ailsa’s travel theme this week had me searching through my photos. At first, I was sure that I had nothing, except for this one, which isn’t really a silhouette, but a shadow. I took it on our beach when we went to have a look at the local air show a couple of months ago. We sat there until the sun started to go down, and it began to get cold. I saw our shadows on the sand, and couldn’t resist capturing with my iPhone.

I was wrong however, about not having any suitable photos and found these three. The first one, of sunset on Sunset Beach in Hawaii, I’ve posted before, but I think you won’t mind seeing it again. πŸ™‚

The second was taken at sunset from our hotel window in Tahiti.

Lastly, I have a photo taken through the coach window, as we travelledΒ  in Spain. The Osborne sherry Bull “El toro de Osborne” is a 14 meter high black silhouetted image of a bull in semi-profile, and is regarded as the unofficial national symbol of Spain. The bull was created in 1956 by Manolo Prieto. These hoardings of cut-out bulls dominate the landscape across Spain. Spaniards see the image of the bull as a national symbol, as it reminds them of bullfights and the beauty of this strong animal.

Just click here, to see more silhouettes which have been entered for Ailsa’s theme.




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  3. Well, a shadow is just a silhouette seen the wrong way!
    The Spanish are rather full of ‘it’, I would say … ritually torturing to death something they admire.

  4. I like the shadow pic – it has potential to creep people out. As for the Hawaii pic, you’re right, that’s a great pic.

  5. Great shots AD – but you must know how much I love the Spanish toro!

    I was thinking of doing a post about this Spanish national symbol – but you beat me to it!

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