Compliments which misfire, and more family fun photos.

Hi again, everyone. It rained here again all night long; sea and sky merged into one grey angry mass, with the wind howling like a banshee. Not my favourite kind of weather, but it always seems worse when you’re at the seaside. If I were on holiday here, I’d definitely want my money back.

The clouds have been leaking badly for almost three days, and last night I heard an ominous “drip,drip” just outside our bedroom door. Nothing that a strategically placed cloth and bucket couldn’t deal with temporarily, but as soon as the sun comes out again, I’ll coax hubby up onto the roof to investigate.

I played piano at the mall yesterday. The broken caster on the back leg is still not fixed, in spite of numerous e-mails and promises. It’s quite off-putting to have the piano swaying around whilst I’m playing my little heart out. I had lots of nice comments and friendly smiles, and a request from the security guard to play Kenny Gee’s “Forever in Love.” Some people are really not gifted in successfully giving a compliment, and I had to smile to myself when a man, waiting for his wife to browse through the clothes in the store opposite, said how much he loved my music, and would I play “Misty” for him. I obliged, and when I’d done, he thanked me profusely, saying, “That was absolutely great, but it’s a pity that some of the notes sound a bit off-key. Perhaps you should ask them to get it tuned.” 🙂 If he was wanting to inspire confidence in me, he didn’t have a clue how to go about it. Anyway, I wasn’t phased by his comment, as there’s nothing wrong with the piano tuning, and I actually think that he just couldn’t get his ear around some of Erroll Garner’s wonderful jazz chords. 🙂

A short while later, another guy timidly ventured within my space, and said, “It’s so lovely to listen to your music, but I was just wondering what it must be like to sit there playing away, with nobody listening to you, and no feedback at all.”  Hmm…….well what could I say to that back-handed compliment? I told him that on the contrary, lots of people just like himself, stop and speak to me, and that sometimes they even pat me on the head, or stoop to kiss my cheek and give me a hug. He looked quite shocked, and didn’t try it. 😆

Anyway, enough about all that. I still have a few more photos to show you from our visit to my daughter and family in Jo’burg.

Sienna and her two cousins were so happy to spend time together, and we had a wonderful family time. My daughter is an excellent cook, and made us delicious and memorable meals.

Justin showed Sienna a few Karate moves.

We’re very proud of him, as at only thirteen he’s recently upgraded to his Jr. Black Belt. Don’t mess with him. 🙂

My granddaughter, showed us some gymnastic poses, which you’re all welcome to try out at home, after first consulting your doctor of course. (Black socks are not compulsory.) 😉

“Come on granny. You try it.”  Right! 😆

At my favourite shopping mall, Sienna befriended this sweet cow sitting reading “The Daily Mooews”.

At Monte Casino, we found a car which seemed to belong to her, except that someone had misspelt her name.

My grandson much preferred this AC Cobra replica which was in the car show there.

On the Saturday, one of Jeff’s friends had an open house party and loads of his friends came along with their young families. Sienna had a great time playing with all the small children, and this trampoline was the favourite out of the many toys there. There was also a tree house, which she managed to climb up into, but then couldn’t get down again without some assistance from her dad.

All too soon, it was time to say our goodbyes, and for them to get the plane back to New York. We all had a last lunch together, and then they were off to the airport. What a great trip they had, with family and friend reunions aplenty.

Today we spoke on Skype, and it was so great to see them both again, and blow kisses across the ocean.

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  1. “And the most important thing is family” – by Walt Disney

    You’re blessed with a wonderful family. Those kids are adorable and talented. And wow, look at your granddaughter’s flexibility! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Yes, my granddaughter can give quite spectacular displays. She’s been doing ballet since she was tiny, and started gymnastics about a year ago.

  2. What a lovely post! My internet is playing up and Ihad to keep coming back ’till I got to read it all! You have a (very athletic), beautiful family!

  3. Love the pix. Love the cars! Adorable children. And… If I could just get one leg stretching that way… Those were the days…

  4. The visit looks like such great fun! Great and wonderful memories for all around. Now are you due for a visit to our shores soon?

  5. Super pics! Yes, that was a bit of a backhanded compliment, but then people are pretty dim when it comes to anything except pop as demonstrated by that session of busking by a famous violinist – where nobody noticed.
    What, no pics of the tree house she was rescued from?

  6. A very nimble family you’ve got there! I have to admit something .. I tried to zoom in to see what’s for dinner, but could not be done 😦

  7. It certainly looks as though you enjoyed your visit to the highveld… you wouldn’t want to be here now… cold rain hail and all that goes with it… Winter again now…

  8. (Actually managed to log in and do something. Normally the only option I have after logging in is to log out again)

    And the slave driving starts again!

    Sienna looks a lot like her Grandmother! Cute kid! (The child, not the grandmother).

    • How wonderful to see you again! You’ve been in my mind. What do you mean by, ‘the slave-driving starts again’? It’s been going on all the time you’ve been away. 😆 Yes, Sienna is very cute, just like her granny. 🙂

  9. Your family has all kinds of talent. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time making memories. Thanks for sharing.


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