Problem accessing certain blogs. :(

I suddenly have a problem accessing some of my favourite blogs. I get this message, and it will go no further:

“transferring data from use”

The blogs affected so far, are:

I don’t know whether it’s problem with WordPress or my web browser. I’m using Firefox on an Apple Macbook Air. Have any of you had similar problems, or can you please give me some advice? Thanks so much. πŸ™‚

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  1. For a week or two all blogs I visit are very slow in loading, etc. It seems to be mainly european blogs.

  2. Have any of the problems lifted Adin? Since we have a free blogging platform, there is really little we can do to it. I have no idea what that type kit is and wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway… Let us know! Fingers crossed and WP Support must have responded by now, no? 😦

  3. I HATE computer/wordpress/browser issues! I have been having some problems with some comments going to spam that never did before. I also can’t do some things with my iphone and ipad that I was able to do before. I am clueless. I’m sorry. If I lost access to anyone, it would make me crazy. I hope you get things worked out. Sorry – no help. Gem

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  5. Try going to your plugins in Firefox and disable the typekit plugin, if it is there. I was having trouble loading PDFs from Firefox and disabling the PDF plugin fixed the problem. Seems back to front, but it worked!

    • Thanks so much for your concern, Madoqua. I’ve checked, and I don’t have a typekit plugin on Firefox. Had a look at the typekit site and there’s a warning that it’s not compatible with the latest version of WordPress. So it seems that the problem lies with those bloggers who still use it. My software is bang up to date, and that’s probably why I have this problem getting into their blogs. It’s only happened since I updated a couple of days ago.

  6. I read all the comments with interest. I think you have isolated your problem – given that your issues started when you updated your software. We have been having a few Firefox issues at work over the last few days too, so maybe there is a bug in their updates/plugins. I suggest you try another browser (eg Safari or Opera), and see if you can get onto the sites that way. If you can, then perhaps use one or the other until Firefox becomes issue free again.

  7. Strange. I follow a few of these blogs and haven’t had a problem. Perhaps you can try contacting WordPress support as they are fantastic and always helpful with problems.

  8. I tried a few on your list, and managed to get into all of them.
    Have not had any problems like this, but I’ve had absolutely no feet at my door today, and there’s usually at least one that does something πŸ˜‰
    Hope you get it sorted AD!!

  9. I just started having the same issue, and its telling me that I cannot click on it because it is blocking ‘pop ups’. If I hit my ‘ctrl’ button and THEN click, it allows it! I don’t know why 😦

  10. your answer to Amy tickled me – until I realised you referred to the list of bloggers you’ve got a problem to visit
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    I struggle all over with the internet
    Maybe ADSL line that cause my problems

  11. is probably used by the themes or theme widgets that are installed. If that’s the common denominator, it simply means that’s service was down for a while, undergoing maintenance, etc.

    The first line of attack for anything on the Internet that’s slow is to unplug your modem, wait 15 seconds, plug it back in, give it about a minute to re-establish all its connections, and then go back to work. 90% of the time that fixes the problems.

  12. I have been having off and on problems for a few weeks now. Some post I can’t get in without restarting my computer. Sometimes I can’t see notifications. Sometimes I can’t leave comments. I use to be on internet exployer and Word Press no longer accepted it for notifications. I changed to Google chrome and still have scattered problems. It’s frustrating. Hope you work out your problems.


    • I think that the websites are getting too fancy and complicated. There are obviously conflicts going on between them. Thanks for the encouragement, Francine. πŸ™‚

  13. I am sad to hear this but for me there is not any problem I can visit these blogs, Sorry dear AD I don’t have any idea about this problem, maybe you should ask to the wordpress… I hope it would be solved soon. Thanks and Love, nia

  14. I’m having problems commenting on blogs for a couple of days. Waiting for the resident Nerd to get back from holiday πŸ™‚ Some go through some just hang 😦

  15. Wow that is weird…I can get to these but all you links here lead to the same post…but someone mentioned that already. The link here that you put up to mine showed up on my blog.

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