Ailsa’s Travel theme: Texture

Ailsa’s travel theme this week, is “Texture,” so I had a scramble through my photos to see what would qualify. I kept coming back to the beautiful animals that we’ve seen on our travels. The different textures of their coats, never cease to fascinate me. We humans just have boring old skin, which if we’re young, is smooth and blemish free, but as we get older, becomes less perfect, and unfortunately we can end up looking rather crumpled and in need of a good ironing.

I guess some animals can do nothing about their wrinkles, and the texture of this elephant which I encountered in Zimbabwe, was very rough indeed.

The texture of Mr. Gerry Giraffe’s face looked very suspect to me, as he welcomed us to the Lion Park in Johannesburg.

Most animals always manage to look beautifully groomed, just like Ravioli my daughter’s cat, whose coat is so silky soft, in spite of her being middle-aged. She’s so gorgeous, and she knows it.

The big cats are just as splendiferous, but I’ve never got close enough to be able to feel the texture of an adult lion. Maybe it’s a good thing, or I probably wouldn’t be sitting here typing this post. πŸ™‚

We were privileged a few weeks ago to be able to pet some cute white lion cubs, and their fur was really soft and cuddly.

My sister has perfected the art of showing the texture ofΒ  fur, and you can hardly tell the difference between her paintings and the original photo. This is Hlaba Nkusi,

and here is her little cub.

I love the way you feel as though you could reach out and touch the fur on this painting. The hairs on the ears and chin, and also the whiskers are so realistic.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my photos for Ailsa’s theme. To see other bloggers’ interpretations, just click here.

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  2. Great post!! I can’t believe the whiskers on your sisters paintings!! Such talent!! Well done on the theme – it is so fun to see all the different interpretations!

  3. You look so beautiful with this amazing background πŸ™‚ elephant… Oh my dear, you are so lucky for these moments… You know I am crazy with big, small, etc. CATS πŸ™‚ but you can guess which one is my best among your photographs, kisses for her/him. Thank you, have a nice day, love, nia

  4. HAhah .. I love the reference to the elephant having wrinkles. I’m sure they love them. They aren’t vain. lolol
    Ravioli is precious. I had two calicos at one time awhile ago. They have the most beautiful colors; as she does, too. In fact, I thought she was a young teen cat. She does keep herself fit and spiffy. ~~~~ : – )
    Absolutely fabulous images….!!!!!

  5. One of my biggest dreams, to have a Safari adventure and be up close with these amazing, beautiful animals. Love this post! Thanks and have a blessed , wonderful day my friend.

    • Thanks so much. Yes, here in Africa, it’s very easy to find places where you can be up close to these wonderful animals. Wishing you a very happy week. πŸ™‚

  6. Your sister’s work is incredible. I like the pic of you on the elephant’s knee (is that a knee?) But those ‘textures’ on Gerry the Giraffe. That cracked my wrinkles up!

  7. Every one of these pictures are lovely. Your sister is talented, indeed, but so is your photography. I agree about your daughter’s cat. She is adorable. What a fun post!

  8. Great texture photos AD!

    We rode on an elephant in Chiang Mai, Thailand, earlier this year and I was fascinated by the texture of the elephantΒ΄s skin πŸ™‚

  9. Wow – your sister is very talented indeed.

    I love the ‘texture’ theme – wonderful idea.

    I remember when I worked at the crocodile farm and everyone was blown away by the softness and texture of the crocodile leather (I would hold the small crocs while the tourists patted them!) πŸ˜€

  10. I remember an earlier post of yours featuring your sister’s art work and a young male artist she was mentoring.(if I have the story correct) and I was impressed with the quality of her artwork as I am now. Which post was it? These are all good examples of texture.Thanks for sharing.

  11. Your sister’s talent is awe-inspiring. So lifelike. Loved all your texture examples, especially the one where you’re perched on the elephant. Though you almost look like you’re gritting your teeth in that shot. Were you afraid of falling off?

  12. Ravioli is so cute. I love the feel of cats…petted a tiger once. Way up there on my list of life’s great experiences. Your sister’s paintings are incredible. So lifelike.

    • Yes she is, Jo, but she rules the roost in that house. The two dogs have to play second fiddle. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your lovely comment on my sister’s paintings. πŸ™‚

  13. I think you’re probably right about the positives of having not experienced the texture of a lion’s coat. Unless you want your last thought to be ‘Wow, that’s even smoother than I thought it would be…’

    That’s one thoroughly unimpressed looking giraffe btw. πŸ™‚

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