CBBH Photo Challenge: Windows

Marianne at East of Malaga blog, has a new challenge for October. She has some magnificent windows to show us, and I told her that I already used my best window pics for the “Thursday Windows challenge” last week.

Whilst we were out walking along our beach front today, I looked up at one of the overly tall apartment blocks ‘gracing the skyline’, and blocking out the sun from the beach, and my immediate thought was, “Oh, how I’d hate to have to clean all those windows. I didn’t think, “Wow, what a beautiful building.” This building goes by the lovely name of, “The Pearls,” but to my eye, it doesn’t look very pearl-like.

Isn’t it strange that when I was in Barcelona, and looking up at the windows of  Gaudi’s ‘Casa Mila’, I didn’t even think about cleaning them. I was just so awestruck by the beauty and ingenuity of their design. This apartment block was commissioned by Pedro Milà i Camps, a rich businessman. On the outside, the undulating balconies look like a series of waves, and the building was soon dubbed ‘La Pedrera’, meaning ‘the quarry’, because locals thought the facade resembled cliff-like rocks and caves.

The Casa Batlló has the most unusual windows I’ve ever seen. From the outside, this building looks like it ‘s been made out of skulls (the balconies) and bones, (the supporting pillars). The building was designed by Gaudi, as an upmarket home  for Josep Batlló, a wealthy aristocrat. He and his family, lived in the lower two floors, whilst the upper floors were rented out as apartments.

When I look at old churches, cathedrals, and other historical buildings such as Gaudi’s apartment blocks, I can’t help thinking that architects of today have far less creativity and eye for beauty, than had those of a bygone era. What’s your opinion?

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  2. I saw an exhibit at the Dali museum here in St. Petersburg, Florida of some of Gaudi’s work. He was a way out there artist as some of them can be. Great contrast of the contemporary architecture and the bizarre artist.

  3. WOW amazing pics thanks AP and I have to agree with you, modern buildings lack the charm of the older blocks. Think back to the art deco block or the styles before that! what do we have today – most buildings look the same!

  4. The Casa Batlló has unusual windows and I would be struck staring at them too… So you’re not alone in that reaction… 🙂

  5. I adore the older architecture. It has so much more character and ‘life’. The Gaudi windows are superb. I’ve never seen these buildings before. Thank you for sharing – I always learn something new when I come to your page 😀

  6. My thought for the modern buildings is that much depends on what they’re reflecting. There’s a modern all-glass tower in Boston that reflects one of the oldest churches in the city. I’ve seen other situations where the old is reflected in the new. I suspect that much depends on the location of these newer reflective structures… more so than the ancient buildings which likely had a lot more empty space around them when originally built. I tend to enjoy both styles if they’re done right.

    • Yes, there are exceptions, and I’ve seen those reflective buildings on a couple of people’s blogs. Stunning idea. 🙂 Thanks for your comment, Gunta.

  7. Mod may be more light and airy, but it lacks character I feel, Just as one tends to have houses or apartments these days rather than ‘real’ homes.

  8. First time I saw a picture of Gaudi’s ”bone” building was whilst reading an encylopaedia – I do this for inspiration sometimes. Odd, I know. Anyhow, this building blew me away.
    It is stunning architecture.
    Nice -ing post.

    • Thanks, Ark. Yes, I was stunned by his wonderful architecture. Barcelona is a place not to be missed in one’s lifetime. (Do they still have encyclopedias these days?) 🙂

  9. I agree, Sylvia. Modern architects generally don’t have an eye for classic or artistic beauty. Things look so sterile and lack character, for the most part. Gaudi’s windows (& buildings) are fabulous and your photos are wonderful. I hope to see them next summer if I can make it to Spain!

  10. Love the windows you posted, AD! Modern architecture designs are attractive, but people don’t seem to have the patience to build like the old time.

  11. Both of these challenges are wonderful. I love the whiskey story. I’m not a whisky drinker either but it was so interesting to learn the history. Now I want to visit it when I get to TN. Great posts! 🙂

  12. I LOL’d…my first thought was the same as yours (“I’d hate to clean all those windows!”),but those are some beautiful buildings 🙂

  13. Things ain’t what they used to be, AD. We need to appreciate what and when we can. Hopefully, things will come around and do a 180 back to caring and pride.

  14. I wouldn´t like to clean the windows of The Pearls either, Sylvia – but somehow, doing the same task at Casa Battlo wouldn´t seem nearly as bad!

    How wonderful (for me) that you featured two gorgeous windows from Spain 🙂

    Thanks for your entry into this month´s CBBH Photo Challenge and for introducing us to two new links 🙂

  15. I think architects are still good artists, but the trend these days are cheap and nasty.
    No time to make a place really pleasing with smooth lines and lots of work!!
    I absolutely love the buildings in Portugal – looks like the house they used in the Casper movie 😉

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