Waiting for news.

I’ve been watching the news of Sandy’s terrible devastation and destruction, andΒ  am so sad for those people who have lost their homes, and are really suffering the after effects. I haven’t had any word from my son since yesterday, when he posted this pic on Facebook after one of the huge trees in his street was uprooted . The photo was taken from his front porch.

I’ve sent him a couple of Whatsapps, asking how they’re doing, but no reply. I know they have had no power since yesterday lunchtime, so will wait patiently for more news.


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  1. Hei AD, sorry that I’m only catching up now. We’ve also been following the news on the Sandy’s disaster. Am really glad your family is OK. Take care…*hugs*

    • Thanks, Cocoa. yes, I’m so thankful that they are safe, but it’s awful that many people have been left homeless, and also lost loved ones. I just can’t imagine how terrible that must be.

  2. I can feel you dear AD, but I am glad to hear that they are fine. I watched the news too, it was so fearful. With my best wishes, love, nia

  3. Just seen some footage of the devastation in New Jersey, some very expensive pleasure boats piled up on top of each other.

  4. So happy for you that you had good news. Not knowing is so hard. I’ve been glued to the TV worrying about friends in the path of all the devastation.

  5. Just saw your comment where you heard they were all okay. What a fantastic relief for you. It’s just such a hideous thing and I really feel for all those poor people who have been affected by this 😦

  6. so glad to see everything. We watched the news a little while ago and can just imagine your anxiety before you got news from him

  7. I am glad all is well with your son and his family and the guest he has opened his home to. I’am sure they will turn the power outage into an adventure for all the young ones, and that the outage will not last too long. Will be praying for them and all those affected by Sandy.


    • Thanks, Francine. My son is a very positive person, and Never lets anything get him down. Children do love an adventure, don’t they. πŸ™‚ I’m so sad for those people who have suffered great loss.

  8. I know it’s easier said than done but be patient. It is really a mess here. My home held up much better than our shore house. We got one photo from one of the neighbors and, well, in trying to keep a sense if humor, we now own beachfront property. 😦
    At least we are ok.
    I’m sure you’ll hear good news soon, ad. Be well. G

    • Thanks, Gemma. I’m so sorry about your shore house. That must be a great worry for you. Glad you’re safe though. I hope all gets repaired and back to normal soon. *hugs*

      • It is absolutely terrible . I’m sure he’s wishing he’d set himself up with a generator in time. Last year, they were without power for over a week, and it looks like the same is going to happen this time. 😦

      • Well, when this blows over, he can go get the generator. This is what they predicted would happen with global warming–much more intense storms–and that’s not getting any better. If the US elects as president the man from the party that denies the existence of global warming (in spite of what every scientist and scientific study says), it could get very much worse!

  9. I look forward to the next post when you give us the thumbs up, good news. In the mean time, that being in limbo is hard on mom’s and dad’s. Thinking of you!

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