WordPress challenge: Green

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.  Lao Tzu



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104 comments on “WordPress challenge: Green

  1. Nice gallery you got there. I’m really liking the Machu Picchu and the Thailand pic. I love that quote too. I should live my life more by that Tzu saying, I’d probably feel less stressed out. 🙂

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  5. Images like these, we want to savor each beauty, details and the blessings they have to offer. Beautiful! A celebration of nature’s priceless gifts to all of us. Have a great weekend!

  6. What an amazing collection – I am envious of all your travels 🙂 All the photos are simply to die for but my favorite here is The Volcano in Ecuador. Stunning.

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  8. I love the quote, and I am impressed with your images and travels AD, but nature has lost its rhythm too … that’s what’s worrying me… I long for the old times where seasons were clearly separated. Anyway, you have done quite a tribute to green. Thank you for sharing.

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  15. Great photos AD, visiting Phuket is on my Bucket List, you know, the one that will never happen.

  16. Oh I do love the Zimbabwe photo… just brings back so many memories of my old life when it was Rhodesia… I do love your entry for the colour green… wonderful…

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  18. Such lovely photos and journeys AD!
    I actually thought to participate in this challenge, but my photos are only of my own silly garden – nothing quite as exotic as yours – I think I’ll leave off in that case, and let people enjoy yours 😉
    Have a good weekend!

  19. Alhambra is in Granada I am fairly sure. We loved the Alcazar in Seville and the beautiful Alhambra…..I did a few posts on them when we went to Spain last year.

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