Happy Anniversary to us.

Today is our wedding anniversary. We were married on a cold and snowy day in England, so many years ago. In that same year, some of the songs we danced to were Frank Sinatra’s ‘Strangers in the night’, Nancy Sinatra singing ‘These boots were made for walking’,  ‘Reach out, I’ll be there’ by The Four Tops,  and “God only knows” and “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys. Movies we watched. were ‘Thunderbirds are Go’, ‘Alfie’, starring Michael Caine and Shelley Winters, ‘Born Free’, ‘A Man and a Woman’, ‘Hotel Paradiso’, starring Alec Guinness  and Gina Lollobrigida, and also the first ‘Batman’ movie.


The Prime Minister of England, where were living at the time, was Harold Wilson; Lyndon Johnson was President of the USA, and B J Vorster was Prime Minister of South Africa.

It was the year Walt Disney died and Halle Berry was born; the year England won the Soccer World Cup, and four years after the death of Marilyn Monroe. Can you work out what year it was?

As a very young couple of newly weds, we had very little in the way of money or material things, but what we did have, was our love and dream of a ‘happily ever after’ life together. Now, two wonderful children and five grandchildren later, we once again celebrate our love for one another. So many years have passed since we said “I do,” and yet it’s hard to believe that we’re that much older than we were then. We’re just the same two people, still happily in love and looking forward to many more years together. At times it’s been an exciting roller coaster ride, then there have been the calm, smooth sailing periods when we’ve just coasted along without too much effort at all. Through all these years, I’ve been so fortunate to have had someone who loves me unconditionally and without reserve; someone I can totally depend on to always be there for me through thick and thin. I just couldn’t imagine life without my wonderful man. We’re true soul mates, and although we’re very different in many ways, we get along so well. We’ve laughed together, cried together, and most importantly of all, we’ve stayed together.

“A kiss is just a kiss till you find the one you love.

 A hug is just a hug, till you find the one you’re always thinking of.

 A dream is just a dream till it magically comes true 

 Love was just a word till I heard it from you.”   ~ anon.


This post is in answer to Jake’s Sunday Post Challenge “Follow your dreams.”

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  1. A little late darling Syl and hubbie…. but comes sincerely with good wishes and mazel tov for many more to come. (Ours was 2 days after you) :). Hugs xxx

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  3. Happy Belated Anniversary wishes to you both. It is a testament to your fortitude to have accomplished in your years of marriage this loving life. Your words resonated with me. I, too, was a young wide eyed young almost woman in 1965 when I wed. A month after my 18th birthday. My eye were full of stars. They are still full of stars today. I am so very grateful, as I’m sure you are, to have been blessed and found my true love.
    Blessings to you both ….

  4. Happy belated anniversary, Sylvia. I hope you had a wonderful celebration. It was great to learn so many things about the year you got married: 1966?? How cool is it to remember all of that and to still have a happy marriage after, what, 46 years? Wonderful. There is still hope for all of us. 🙂

  5. Wonderful, AD. Congratulations! It is so rare nowadays to find a couple who have been married to each other for a long time. God bless you both. 😀

  6. Congratulations to you and the love of your life. Your story inspires me to day to live for love, fight for love, breathe for love, even dance for love. Merry Christmas and best wishes to you and your family.

  7. I still can’t believe YOU’VE been married 46 years. I had to look it up. I had WD living 10 years longer than he did. I think he wanted his body perserved until we had eternal life figured out, so that must have thrown me off!!! You’ll have to tell us all the wonderful things you did in one of your next posts. 🙂

  8. What tender and beautiful sentiments. Thanks for all the info and clues. It’s fun to remember all that went on during a particular year and you have three country’s leaders to refer to. Congratulations on your 46th anniversary. Did I get it right? LIke you, I have a soulmate…coming up on 49 years.

  9. Happy Anniversary Sylvia, congratulations on all those years together, in the roller coaster and through the smooth seas … staying together adds to the richness, all those shared memories are a treasure too … many more happy years to you both!

  10. Today is the 17th right? Means it’s my old wedding anniversary too – would have been married 24 years today. Alas. It ended rather ignominiously 😉
    No matter though, I hope your day is wonderful, and filled with the happiness that’s to come for many years still – Happy Anniversary AD 😉

  11. Well,I wish you a very happy,very blessed and very special 46th anniversary,my good friend! Not quite as happy,blessed,and as special as next years though 😀

    The DC

  12. Happy Anniversary…I hope you have a wonderful day together you have so much to be proud of in your life that you built together 🙂

  13. Some would say ‘what an achievement’, others would sigh and think how lucky you two have been, still others might wonder what your secret has been – me I think it’s all three, and offer my congratulations and best wishes for the next decades of your lives together. 🙂

  14. That’s a coincidence! I played the Beach Boys this morning while dusting the furniture.
    My mathematical brain is on holiday so I won’t guess the number of years you’ve been together. Well done, C!! Just joking 😉

  15. That year is just over 20 years before I was born! 😉
    Congrats on the wedding anniversary. May you grow old and wrinkly with by each others side, as in love with each other as you are now 🙂

  16. Hearty congratulations on the big day. Pity you are so mysterious about the year as I experienced all those “STARS” before and after my marriage. Enjoy a super celebratory evening, I will drink a toast to you on the slopes of Table Mountain.

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