Come walking with me around Savannah

We booked into our hotel in Savannah, yesterday at about 4pm. Eliza Thompson House is a grand old home on historic Jones Street. It has been converted into a guest house, and has a reputation for being haunted. Confederate soldiers have been seen at upstairs windows, and a girl in a white dress, in the hallway. Lucky for me, I don’t believe in ghosts. πŸ˜•



The porter who showed us to our room on the ground floor, had the most gorgeous Georgia accent. Our room was beautifully furnished, and very comfortable.


There was this large bust of what looked to me, rather like Napoleon, right at the bottom of my bed in front of the window.


I awoke in the middle of the night, and saw this guy looking right at me. The light from the street lamp was shining through the window, and he gave me quite a fright, until I woke up sufficiently enough to remember where I was. A few years ago, writers from The South Magazine, stayed here to get a first-hand reporter’s view of paranormal activity. They stayed awake throughout the night to study the creaks and nuances of this historic home, and using their own “Fright-O-Meter” scale to compare the various local houses researched, they concludedΒ that The Eliza Thompson House was aΒ 4.5Β out of 5. Well, even though I’m not a believer, the fright I got was a 5 out of 5.Β  😯

Before dark, we went out for a walk around the historic district. There were many parks, all with their various monuments.


I thought this one in honour of a fallen soldier, Sergeant William Jasper, was quite beautiful.


Chippewa Square was of special interest, because it’s outside this park, that Forrest Gump sat on a bench, and the feather came floating down. The bench has been removed to a museum, but we worked out where it used to stand. There was supposed to be a plaque marking the spot, but although we looked everywhere, we couldn’t find one. Hubby thinks that it was right where the name plaque is. Just the other side of the wall was a group of people listening avidly to a sermon being preached at great length by a very enthusiastic preacher man. There was a table with a couple of cooler boxes underneath, and I wondered if maybe after they’d been sitting on the cold concrete bench for an hour’s preaching, they may get rewarded with something to eat and drink. I certainly hope so.


There were many churches along our route, all architecturally beautiful.



The Baptist one was the most stunning of them all.


The shops were all decked out for Christmas, and their window displays looked quite tempting, but we didn’t venture inside as it was starting to get dark, and we still had a lot to see.



We got quite a surprise when in the distance, we suddenly saw a South African flag blowing in the breeze. We walked across the street to see what it was all about, but the establishment was nothing but a ‘greasy spoon’Β  takeaway, which didn’t look any too appetising. There were also American, Italian, and Swiss flags, alongside our rather garish Y-Front one.


Just a little bit farther along, we saw this gift bag hanging outside someone’s gate. The tag simply said, “For Fred,” and I couldn’t help marvelling that one could actually leave something like this out in the street, and know that no-one but Fred would take it. This certainly wouldn’t be the case in South Africa. It would be gone in no time, as would many of the lovely outdoor Christmas ribbons, flowers, and wreaths on display. 😦


There were so many beautifully decorated houses, and they all looked so cosy and inviting.






After a really good nose around the neighbourhood, we went back to our hotel, and sat in the lounge sipping wine, and eating cheese and crackers, delicious sandwiches and pesto bruschetta.


There was a French couple from Paris who were touring around looking for a historic property to buy as a holiday home, a couple from Michigan who had just come from marrying off their daughter to an Englishman, and an elderly couple from the Gulf Coast of Florida, who seemed to know a lot about the political situation in South Africa.

Today we are headed for Fredericksburg, stopping off at Florence which is the closest Starbucks along the route. Clever hubby found an app for my iPhone which tells me all the Starbucks locations. πŸ™‚ It’s nice and warm in the car, but the wind chill factor outside makes it feel like -1 C, and my hair flies around like silk butterflies.

If I don’t get to visit your blog, it’s not that I’m ignoring you. I had to wait for 3 hours to even post this. 4G seems to be a rare commodity on the I-95 through South and North Carolina. 😦 Just talk amongst yourselves until I’m in business again.

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  1. Now there’s another place I would love to visit – all those gracious homes and great architecture. Thanks for the tour AD.

  2. I love Savannah normally, but it looks beautiful at Christmas time! I love all the elegantly decorated homes. Looks like a wonderful way to spend the holiday, Sylvia!

  3. I love Savannah. These pix are beautiful. My grandchildren are about 45 minutes away and we stop in when we visit them. Have the best time, ad, and have a super and safe holiday. G

    • Thanks so much, Gemma. Yes, Savannah it is a lovely city. It’s our second visit and we love it. Maybe we’ll stop there on the way back down. Merry Christmas to you and your family. xx

  4. What a great post AD. This city is where one of my favourite books & movie happened. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil…I would go crazy if I ever got to visit there…

  5. I remember the story of Eliza Thompson House. I was scared, though. I guess I believe in ghosts. ~~~~~ : – )
    I’ve been to Savanah and it is very charming. The architecture is mesmerizing. It is the perfect place for Christmas. It has that old fashioned charm.
    Enjoy your holiday ….
    Merry Christmas,

  6. Beautiful pics,love the decorations,they went all out,as for the gift for Fred,one wouldn’t do that here in South Africa,around the world cup they stole our national flag hanging outside, enjoy the driving,:-)

    • Thanks so much, matron. That’s so shocking that your flag got stolen. Well maybe not THAT shocking, knowing what happens to anything not nailed down. 😯

  7. A good way to travel AD, even if the internet is bad πŸ˜‰
    getting to see all the nooks and crannies, and sending us pictures of them πŸ˜‰
    Savannah is indeed a beautiful place – thanks!!

    • Yes it was a lovely place, Pc. The road trip is going well, but the roads are really busy past Washington today. I’m so glad that C is doing the driving. πŸ™‚

  8. I am so jealous with your Savannah stop. Hopefully you’ll be able to stay there a little while. For the statue bust..kind of freaky. I would have gotten a towel and covered up that head. Safe travels!

  9. Savannah is such a gorgeous city. I was there as a child, but haven’t been back as adult. Would love to revisit, and what was that? Someone was looking RIGHT AT YOU when you awoke in a haunted hotel. OMG! I got enough paranormal from our little ghost walk. πŸ™‚ Love the photos of the decorations. It is a bask of warm Christmas spirit. Enjoy the drive and safe journey to you!

    • Yes it is gorgeous there, Angelia. You have to go back for a visit one day soon. πŸ™‚ Glad you enjoyed the photos, and thanks for the warm Christmas wishes. Merry Christmas to you too. Hugs.

  10. You certainly picked the right place to stay AD, so interesting and so close to all the sights, even the spooks 😯

  11. Enjoying your trip up the coast. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in GA, but never stopped in Savannah. It looks like it’s loaded with that good ole southern charm. Wishing that the rest of your trip continues as easy and pleasant. At least the Starbucks stops should help. If you ever come to visit, I may have to meet you in a larger city since I don’t think we have a Starbucks within 100 miles of here. πŸ˜‰

  12. A very pleasant walk indeed Sylvia. Savannah is a lovely city. I love all the spanish moss hanging from the trees, so atmospheric. Good to hear you now know where all the Starbucks are along your route. πŸ™‚

  13. *with utmost cheer* You do know that you don’t have to believe in ghosts to see them? I have examples …
    Napoleon would be enough to scare anyone.
    There is certainly an amazing lot to see in that neck of the woods. I am still curious about the flag – of all the countries in the world … ? Whey there … ?

  14. I am having a wonderful time tagging along! Your photos are almost as good as Scotty beaming me there. And by the way, have you seen any ghosts yet?

  15. Savannah is a beautiful and interesting town. Looks like you really had a great time there Sylvia.
    I have not been to Savannah in years, thanks for the refresher tour. πŸ™‚

  16. What a wonderful tour of the Old South! I have been there in the summer and the spring, but particularly enjoyed a peek at Christmas in Savannah! Merry Christmas to you, ad!

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