76 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: -3ºC

  1. Looks like a bit of white knuckle. You see what has dumped outside my door during the last 24 hours – car almost buried … so glad I didn’t have to venture far from the door today.

  2. No words needed. I remember those days well.
    Going to be a frosty 54F here today. Yesterday was close to 70F 😀
    But you will be back in the sunshine soon!

  3. We this year for the holidays we had snow just before the holidays but it was a lot of snow and the temperature came down to -17 I wish you all the best

  4. I remember those snowy winters from earlier years. There were snow banks over my head during our last winter in Utah. To be honest, I could do without seeing another snowflake as long as I live! Hope you and yours all stay safe and warm!

  5. Oh MY GOD -3 degrees… I don’t think my Southern Californian body could imagine that. Ha! Great pic you must’ve had some good antifreeze 🙂

  6. Yay! Bundle up, better yet, stay indoors and keep warm. 🙂 There is a winter storm coming, stay safe (if you are in the path), and then make lovely a lovely snowman afterwards. 🙂

    My best wishes for the new year to you and your family. 🙂 Thanks for the kindness and friendship. 🙂

  7. Still raining here Sylvia. Fields have become lakes, the railway’s been washed away between Taunton and Exeter along with a number of roads and sadly many people’s homes are still underwater. With another huge storm due to hit on Friday the flood waters are only going to rise. 😦

      • People can argue about it’s causes all they like but there is no doubt that we are dealing with climate change. Four wet summers followed by even wetter winters with each worse than the last, it’s becoming a worry. Developers short of land to exploit have been building on flood plains all over and sadly for the homeowners, insurance companies will no longer insure them. I’ve just renewed my home insurance and the first question was ‘Do I live within 400m of a water course?’
        The local farmer, Arthur, said that in 60 years of farming his land, he has never seen his fields underwater.
        As you say, lets hope the rain stops soon.

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