Kissing above the clouds

Sue, ofΒ  ‘A Word In Your Ear’, has given us ‘Cloud’ as her Word a Week’ challenge. I have so many sky pics with clouds and sunsets, but I just came upon this really cute one. The clouds are not the main focus, but the love birds really caught my attention. They thought no-one was watching them. πŸ™‚


To see Sue’s beautiful cloud pics and links to other bloggers’ contributions, just click here.



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  2. Do you know my dear friend what he
    quietly whispers
    his dove ?

    my dove
    The first night of winter , night , moonlight
    A crystal glass gauge
    Properly reflected in the windows
    Our home, heart
    He knows that I love
    Hey , my favorite smile
    I love your smile

    a happy dove suits him

    Unspeakable , warm
    My lips loved
    Dress the beautiful mantle
    Dearest and sweet thought , that can not
    Be dropped ,
    Itself be fruitful , form , multiply multiply …
    And spreads as contours of light –
    Merge into a deep sigh.
    Hey , if you only knew how much my dove
    I love you ….

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  5. I live in a regular birds’ paradise and kissing is the name of the game. OK, I know it is summer here, lol, but they think it’s still spring!

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