Līgo Weekly 220w Challenge – words to bring the world together: Spain

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Hola hermoso España!

Spain is a country renowned for its architectural excellence, which is an exotic mix of early Moorish influences and surreal modernism.

In Barcelona, the astounding imagination and genius of Antoni Gaudi, is everywhere. The Casa Mila, better known as La Pedrera, has an undulating stone facade and wrought iron decoration on the balconies and windows.

One of the sculptures on the roof.

A huge mirror cleverly reflects another part of the roof.

The Casa Batllo, is nicknamed ‘The House of Bones’ because of its bone-like pillars, and skull-like balconies.

The giant Basilica, La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s most important work, was started in 1882,

and is still under construction.

The stately Royal Palace in Madrid, is the largest in Europe.

The Alhambra Palace in Granada is really stunning.

The detail is exquisite.

The Mezquita, in Cordoba, begun in 600 AD, is regarded as one of the most accomplished monuments of Islamic architecture. The vast hypostyle hall, is absolutely breathtaking.

There are 856 columns of jasper, onyx, marble and granite.

The richly gilded decoration of the cathedral in its centre, is dazzling.

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  1. Thanks very much again – we’ve sorted out some problems and will be putting this in the online paper, and announcing your post in the ‘special mention’ shortly – superb posting. We’ll be running weekly with a slightly modified challenge – sorry about the bugs we spent time sorting out. http://ligoeditions.wordpress.com/. Please feel free to take and use our ‘special mention in dispatches’ logo, termed ‘Ligo Appreciation’ for your blog, should you wish. Thanks so much again.

    • No problem at all. Thanks so much for liking my post. I’m very honoured, and will put the Ligo Appreciation logo on my page as soon as I can work out how to do it. 😀

  2. Those pictures are awe-inspiring. Can you imagine how long some of those great architectural works took to build? Unfortunately, some of the earlier ones would have used a large amount of slave labour, so the construction of such works of splendour will have had its dark side. I think the angles of some of your photographic shots, convey so well the glorious, yet imposing feel to these buildings.

    • Thank you so much for your visit and kind comment, Sarah. I don’t think any photos can fully do justice to Gaudi’s amazing architecture, but I tried. 🙂

  3. Wait! I know those images. I’ve seen those already. Maybe not. Yes, I did! from this blog too. 😀 It’s nice to look at your Spain spectacles once again. I’ll never get tire of anything Spain, and I would love to go back. If ever go back, my employer won’t be able to stop me from getting in the train every week. 😀

  4. I don’t have anything yet to contribute on Spain, but your post inspires me to visit there this summer, Sylvia!! Well….actually I’m already planning this trip but now I REALLY can’t wait!! 🙂

  5. The architecture is absolutely stunning – I had no idea… Thanks, AD, for the tour. I shall go over them all again and again. The same goes for your next post which I haven’t had time yet to have a good look. Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Wow! What spectacular buildings! I love the The Casa Mila. But is the La Sagrada Familia really still under construction?? That’s hilarious if so!

  7. Thanks to your photo I thought: it is time to renew the impressions from Barcelona. A long time has passed since I was there, the distant 1988.
    Thanks for the nice pictures.

  8. Incredible building. I and my computer have both been receiving care and attention and I am pleased to say I can now read and comment again. Long may it last…….

  9. You have really been to some magnificent places in your journeys… you must be one of the most interesting people to sit and talk to.. which I hope one day I might have the privilege of…

  10. Wow! The buildings are amazing. I had seen pictures of the first building, but the rest of them are new to me. I’m putting Spain on my bucket list!!! 🙂

      • It’s amazing to me how many dreams in my life have come true. Even dreams that I barely considered passionately! I’m so grateful for the many opportunities I’ve had in life. It sounds like you are in that same position. Your experiences are wonderful, and you attitude is just infectiously positive. I love your blog and the presence you exude through it. YOU truly are a day in paradise. 🙂 Marsha 🙂

      • hahaha You get what you reflect! I am just a mirror, my dear. Is that why my hair is sticking out? I wish you could see it now!!! hahaha I’m so lovely in the morning!!!! Lots of love 🙂

    • Mine too, Gemma. I wish I had good photos of everywhere I’ve been, but the old ones aren’t good at all. Maybe I’ll have to go back to these places. 🙂

    • No I haven’t been inside. I think it’s apartments which are being lived in. We went into the Casa Mila. One of the apartments was open to the public, and it was very arty. Not something I could live with every day. 🙂

  11. Fabulous photos! They make me want to start looking for flights. Barcelona is one of my favorite cities because I can’t get enough of seeing Gaudi’s work. I visited Cordoba when I was too young and foolish to truly appreciate it. Must put that back on my travel list! Thank for sharing.

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