My first Valentine remains a mystery.

Happy Valentines Day to you all. If you received a Valentine card and flowers or chocs today, I’m sure you will be spending the day with your special person. There used to be a time when Valentines were supposed to be a secret and you didn’t get to know who sent them. I remember my first Valentine was when I was a teenager at school. It arrived through our letterbox on a Saturday morning, and I was sure it must be from a boy I really fancied but who had until that day, shown no interest in me whatsoever. I was so thrilled and couldn’t wait for Monday morning to arrive, when I would see him again at school. To my surprise and chagrin, when I did see him in class, he still ignored me, so sadly, I had to assume that the card wasn’t from him. I was so disappointed, and I never did find out who sent that gorgeous card. What’s the point of that? Did any of you have secret Valentines?

Anyway, the wonderful love I’ve found since that schoolgirl crush, has more than made up for my disappointment, and today I had a beautiful orchid,


a red nightdress, (which you don’t need to see, ‘cos I’m wearing it) and a romantic hearts and flowers card from my ‘true love’.

I’m so glad I didn’t live in the Stone Age. Their method of courtship looks really painful don’t you think?

Valentines Day funny picture

Happy Valentine’s Day hugs to you all, and remember,

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to no-one.”  ~ William Shakespeare.



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  1. I also never got cards from when I was young. If I did, it was because each member of the class had to draw out a name to whom one should give a card. However, like you, years later, my ‘want’ in my early years have been more than satisfied by the great guy that I married. 🙂

    Your flowers are lovely and lasting.

  2. I still wonder about my first Valentine’s care. I was in standard 6 and never found out who it was from although I had two suspects, lol! I remember the excitement I felt at receiving it too.

  3. In HS, I did receive flowers once that were never identified…. I asked around and no one fessed up. They were gorgeous flowers too. Could the card have come from one of your friends?

  4. Happy V Day ! A little late but don’t s’pose you will have noticed I guess you might have been busy 😀

  5. That stone age scene seems very familiar to my modern eyes. The bloke doing all the work…

    (Only joking! :-))

  6. just gorgeous ad, i dont think i have ever had anything valentine from anyone, but maybe some special meals from the love of my life … love to you!

  7. I love your orchids! What a beautiful gift!
    I also don’t understand the point of sending a valentine card if you don’t let the recipient know who sent it.

  8. I just love the photo of your husband taking you down to the Club on Valentine’s Day 😉 Happy Valentine’s Day to both of you 😀

  9. It’s very sweet getting an anonymous Valentine’s Day card (but equally as frustrating not knowing who sent it!) 😉

    I love your presents and the red nightdress is a winner! – maybe one day we’ll see a picture of it…

    Have a great day 😀

  10. Maybe he’s out there, reading this post and thinking “darn, Sylvia got away!”
    Beautiful orchid. No flowers or choccies for me and I cooked tea, but we have lived the high life a bit lately (and I’ve got my eye on his Chocolate Orange, which he got for Christmas!!! It’s fair game if he’s still got it now, don’t you think?)
    Happy times to you.

  11. My first valentine was a “friend valentine” a number of years ago. We were two single people, too aware of our own loneliness, and decided to make the day special anyway by bring each other’s friend valentine. We spent the day together and traveled all throughout LA county, making it all up as we went. Since my fiancé and I got engaged last year, I have a built-in valentine now! And I expect lots of adventures in our future!

  12. Glad you had a good V day AD 😉
    Lovely flower that!!
    Sure, I used to get cards when I was at school – been a while since the adult me got any though!!

  13. Valentine day cards and greetings are supposed to be anonymous! The more you get, the more secret admires you have and that is supposed to make a girl feel good.

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