Window seat please.

Marianne’s CBBH Photo Challenge this month, is ‘View from an aircraft‘.  I always try to get a window seat, more for the view than any other reason. For me, the flying experience is enhanced when I can watch the sunrise, sunset, or just see the fluffy white clouds passing by. I guess some people don’t want the constant reminder that they’re sitting in a long metal tube, about 30,000 feet above the ground, or the sea, and would rather pretend they’re on a train or a bus, so sit in the middle, and there are those that have to keep getting up to use the toilet, so prefer to sit on the aisle. Not me though; I revel in the fact that I’m actually high above the earth, flying effortlessly and at great speed, towards my destination. Quite often, I forget to take the camera out of my cabin bag, and by the time we take off, it’s too late to get up and grab it, so some of my pics are taken with my iPhone. I guess if it’s on airplane mode, that’s permissible, but I’m never sure, so try not to do it when the stewards are close by.

Here are a few of my in flight pics:

Coming in the land at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok.

Coming in to land at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok.

Taking off from Phuket International airport.

Taking off from Phuket International airport.

Taken from a helicopter over Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

View from a helicopter over Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Victoria falls in the distance.

Victoria falls in the distance.

Flying towards Belize.

Flying towards Belize.

Flight from Belize.

Fluffy clouds.

Looking down at the swamps.

Looking down at the swamps.

Smooth landing at Belize City.

Smooth landing at Belize City.

First sighting of Belize City.

First sighting of  San Pedro.

Getting cloer to the ground.

Getting closer to the ground.

This was only a 10 seater plane.

This was only a 10-seater plane.

Miami next stop.

Miami next stop.

Back to Miami.

Coming in to land at Miami International.

Sometimes my attention is distracted from the view out of the window, and I’m more interested in what’s for dinner.

Welcome view on the airplane.

Very welcome view on the airplane.

Stop looking out of the window and eat.

Stop looking out of the window and eat.

Yummy raspberry mousse cake.

Yummy raspberry chocolate mousse cake.

To see more views from airplanes, just click here.

According to the rules of Marianne’s challenge, I have to introduce you to two of the blogs that I’ve commented on in the past month.

First up is my South African blog friend, Adeeyoyo, who writes beautiful poetry which really touches one’s soul.

Then there’s the artistically talented Poppytump, who advertises her blog thus, “PhotographyBooksArtyStuffAndPlentyOfOtherNiffNaffAndTriviaToIgnore.”

Please pop over and visit them both. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

108 comments on “Window seat please.

  1. These from the mirror shots are incredible Adin esp. those first three. I’m don’t usually take pictures from the plane as I am always copping some z’s during flight. That, or busy watching movies. 😀
    And what a dinner, I only get the single-serving meals. 😀 I only got bumped up once in first class.

  2. I love getting the window seat as well! People say that on long distance flight all you see is water or just open land and it’s all the same, but it’s not.
    I’m obviously flying on the wrong airline, Cathay Pacific never had any food like that!

    • It’s definitely not all the same at all. I find it fascinating and would rather look out of the window than watch a movie. At night though, it’s a bit difficult. 😀

  3. No wonder you want to see by the window. I will too. Breathtaking sceneries. The best for me was the waterfalls. Each though captures a moment waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. As for the food, delicious. The only thing I don’t like about planes on long flights is the cramp restrooms otherwise, it’s a joyful experience.

  4. That first Victoria Falls pic is amazing! I always like to look out of the window too. But I haven’t yet got to see views like that! 🙂

  5. Those shots are super AD. Victoria Falls from a distance looks like a huge fire with all the spume .. Miami must be very familiar I guess to you ! Gatwick doesn’t seem to have the same cachet somehow 😉
    *imagining* AD being shifty with her Iphone lolol hardly a worry I would think you could charm the birds outta those trees as they say !
    I admit to a bit of a secret thrill being next to the window too altho’ I try and appear a terribly well seasoned traveller of course 😉 I’m only too happy to stare out of the window for ages at fluffy clouds, mountain peaks , tiny white slash marks on the sea from boats, endless tracts of orange lands with dried up river capillary network like trails …
    OH *Holliwobbles* come to me sooon 😀
    Fancy giving me a mention AD. I feel rather fuffed up about that thank you very much indeed XX

  6. First off that meal on the airplane … dude. The last time I was on a plane I got a bag of pretzels and a ginger ale. I wish I was on the plane you were on and those view are amazing. My favorite though had to be the Victoria Falls, which reminds me I just read a book with my son about a Piggy Adventurer (by Christyan and Diane Fox) that does all kinds of cool stuff around the world one adventure being going over Victoria Falls. Ha! Must be a sign.

    • Hahaha….Yes I’ve also been on American internal flights with the tiny bag of pretzels and a cold drink. If you fly SAA business class, you will dine like a princess. That kids’ book sounds a bit scary. I loved flying over Vic Falls, but actually “going over” them is an entirely different matter. 😯

  7. The ones of Victoria Falls and Belize are my favorites, although all are beautiful. It looks like, from the appearance of your meal, that you are one of the lucky first class travelers. 🙂

  8. I love Victoria Falls. I am the isle seater, so I can get up without falling on anyone. I don’t mind the heights, but I just hate being trapped by some big sleeping, snoring slobbery, stranger draped across the seat blocking my way out! 🙂 Loved the post! 🙂

  9. I suppose the post would remain a beautiful reminder to you of the flight and your thoughts within. I liked the photos though the glass reflections on a few of them detract.



  10. Even though I’m scared to death of heights, being in an airplane does not scare me – the power at take off is magnificent 😉
    And yes, if I can manage it, I also try and get a window seat – like to see where I’m going.
    Lovely aerial photography AD 😉

  11. Wonderful photo’s, AD. I also prefer to sit next to the window, but it seems everyone else does too! I find it’s getting more and more difficult.

    Thank you so much, AD, for the mention. It is very kind of you to have thought of doing so and I really appreciate it. ♥

  12. I don’t ask about it, they give me always a windows seat, even when I take the TGV, the fast train… And I’m afraid of heights, but not in a airplane on a flight… ;-D

  13. Like you, I love it when I’m flying and always ask for a window seat to enhance the experience. I particularly love your shot over Victoria Falls, Sylvia – absolutely beautiful 🙂

    Now then, I don’t know either of the blogs you have shared links to – how exciting! I’ll HOP over there right away 🙂

  14. I love watching the clouds and landscapes underneath. For millennia, people were dreaming to see earth like this, many of them brilliant people–how lucky are we to have this as part of a “just another day” experience, and not a coveted one at that!

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