Rodposse Photo Challenge: Icicle Wheels at Yellowstone

Rodposse has a new challenge, and this time it’s ‘WATER’. I decided to enter my photo of the icicles which formed on our wheels when we visited Yellowstone National Park. Although it was May, the daytime temperatures hovered around -8 C.Β  If you like my photo, please would you click on this link, or the one below, and then like my icicles.Β  Thank you so much in advance. I know I can count on you. πŸ™‚


Rodposse Photo Challenge: WaterΒ  – Challenger #23

57 comments on “Rodposse Photo Challenge: Icicle Wheels at Yellowstone

  1. Cool icicles! Ha ha get it? Cool!
    Wait… should be cold. Or maybe frozen. But then it’s not funny.
    Oh well it’s not that funny anyway. πŸ˜›

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