65 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Waiting for Spring

  1. I’m going backwards, so it’s hard to believe the flowerpot could look so icy one day, and be so colorful the next. You’re going to have quite a readjustment when you go home getting used to the HOT weather.

  2. Same here .. woke up a snow covered Wednesday – think there is more to come .. but I don’t mind when it comes in March and not in the end of April. Dress warm and keep safe, over there. Lovely shots …

  3. AD, what is the name of the plant at the top with the white flowers? I’ve don’t recognise it at all. The little cherub looks as if she’s about to eat a huge bowl of icecream – of course it isn’t though – just the hot weather we’ve been having makes me think of it, lol!

    • The plant at the top is a Camellia in bud, and the white isn’t flowers, it’s snow sitting on the leaves. I love your ice cream idea. πŸ™‚

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