English weather report in pictures.

We Brits do love to talk about the weather, which isn’t really surprising, considering how awful it can be at times. It’s a hot topic, or should that be ‘a cold topic’ at this time of year? πŸ˜• Today is ‘Red Nose Day’ in England, and I must say in this cold weather, there are lots of people around with ‘real’ red noses. πŸ™‚ Coughs, colds and sneezes seem to abound, but thankfully hubby and I are fine for now, at least.

You may be pleased to know that the temperatures here have risen a few degrees, and the angel on the plant pot, has thawed out. I’m sure she’s smilingΒ  just a little. πŸ™‚ We could even get up to 10 degrees today. Luxury!


The bunny rabbit who was looking decidedly frozen on Wednesday,


is now frolicking happily with the bright-eyed black cats on the lawn.


The pond still had a layer of ice yesterday morning, but it soon melted.


The crocuses are bloomin’ lovely, and the pigeon looks very well fed.


I did see a squirrel, but he was far too quick for me. Today it’s raining, and we’re going out with hubby’s sister for the day. MiL is feeling much better, well enough to bake her famous ‘Victoria Sandwich’ cake this afternoon. Things are really looking up and warmer weather is definitely on the way. I’ll leave you with these gorgeous flowers we got dear MiL for Mothering Sunday. The Freesias have all opened up, and smell just like Spring.


We have more family coming to stay tomorrow, so I’ll be busy catching up with all their news, and most probably, cooking, eating too much, and then of course there’s the inevitable washing up. I may find the odd moment to pop in on some of you, but if I don’t, do have a wonderful weekend. πŸ™‚

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      • My student got me a huge bouquet of daisies once… They lasted the longest among all the other flowers I’ve kept in a vase… Any secret to keeping them alive and fresh longer?

  1. Love the bouquet! Hope you are staying warm enough. The flowers look warm enough – even in such cold, cold weather. Amazing!!! Glad your MIL is doing better, too. Take care, and don’t get sick! πŸ™‚ M

  2. It sure has been cold there lately, AD, although I see it has warmed up a bit today. Anyway you’ll soon be here in sunny SA which is still very pleasantly warm at the moment – mid 20’s mostly.

  3. It can be seen on your super, the pictures is a little paradise on earth -something I’m going to tell you ! when they are with us in some schools ask kids. it gives us a chicken egg that is called by his name what gives us milk 76 % of the children replied that this fridge, it’s a carton . etc. .. purpose other nature of learning
    said. much we alienated from nature ! Also I must say your excellent post : I wish you a pleasant day . maxima with love

  4. Love the cat silhouettes and the bunny πŸ™‚ Very cute.

    Ah the weather – it has been madly cold in England, I heard. Seeing that bunny in the ice… brrrr.

    Great photos though: love it πŸ™‚

  5. Whether the weather be fine,
    Or whether the weather be not,
    Whether the weather be cold,
    Or whether the weather be hot,
    We’ll weather the weather
    Whatever the weather,
    Whether we like it or not !

  6. The little angel looks so much happier now! What an amazing change from the previous picture of her πŸ˜€

    I’m so glad you and hubby are free of sneezes. It’s difficult to avoid coughs and colds when the weather is so unstable – stay well πŸ˜‰

      • Lucky bunnies!
        Normally there are tons of fat happy bunnies all over our marsh area.
        This year? None. However…there have been numerous coyote sightings. 😯
        Coincidence? Sadly for the bunnies I don’t think so. 😦

  7. Look at this .. back to sunshine and normal. Fantastic … we have the snow now – but two very sunny days, there is more snow to come .. they say. Glad that you got some great weather and the little bunny don’t have to shiver. Have a fantastic weekend with family and friends.

  8. Wednesday, we had glorious sunshine then snow showers, off-on all day. Sun yesterday, rain today, snow tomorrow.

    How I miss the SA weather report – it’s hot. It was hot yesterday; it will be hot tomorrow.

  9. What a transformation from the other day. And let’s hope it stays that way! πŸ™‚

  10. Nothing quite like freesias and sunshine to put a “spring” in one’s step AD πŸ˜‰
    Enjoy the visit and the eating and the weekend!!!

  11. the weather is often the main topic in a conversation – specially after a week like the one we just had. The Cape was like an oven

    I just love freesias!

  12. Great pictures of the garden and the pending spring there as we head into autumn!
    Must say I do prefer the cooler weather.

    Have a wonderful weekend and family get together.


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