51 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Genuine Fakes

  1. Great photo! In downtown LA there’s a neighborhood where every shop used to sell fakes. A friend told me that the cops have started handing out fines to any store selling fakes – I haven’t been there to confirm it though…

    • Thanks, Rosie. I think many countries have cracked down on people selling fakes, but I believe Thailand is still selling them. Watches are a very popular line. πŸ™‚

  2. people love it … however we saw a genuine fake matisse while we were in sydney, by a famous dutch forger…. surely he was enormously skilled but just liked slipping into other styles … whatever people like can be made by copyists cashing in on popularity … genuine fakes indeed!

  3. Someone, somewhere is going to pounce on this and make a line of T-shirts.
    They should distribute them free to every politician. I believe this would be an excellent idea. What do you think, dear?
    Lovely post.

      • Hmm. If the electorate made it a condition of office until proven otherwise it might make them buck up. Which is a few letters of the alphabet away from what they normally do, I’d say!
        Keep well. Love your blog, dear. So pretty.
        Aunty Jane.

  4. Love it …. a female way to thinking … but there wasn’t much of designer bags there. Thanks for the big smile.

  5. Just read an interesting study, highlighted in another blog, claiming that people who buy fakes are generally less honest than those who don’t πŸ˜•

  6. That’s hilarious! So what are the fake fakes I wonder? The box is labelled “Ray Ban Sunglasses” but when you open it up you find something random like a pack of biscuits and a fridge magnet. πŸ™‚

  7. @AD, your post make me ..hiks =homesick 😦 Ouwww. Indeed Bali is very famous tourist place. I give you advice, when the next time might want to vacation to Indonesia again, you can visit the beautiful place in this world with beautiful seascape = Karimun Jawa Island, You can search on google map. Nice post @AD

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