Colours for two photo challenges.

“Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this? No. Just as one can never learn how to paint.”  ~ Pablo Picasso

The WordPress challenge this week is ‘Color’ and Marianne’s CBBH Photo Challenge for this month is ‘Multi-Coloured’, so however you want to spell the word, you can’t get away from brightly colo(u)red photos on bloggers’ posts. I decided to combine the two challenges, just to save time and effort.

The world would be a much less interesting place to live in if everything was black and white, so here are a few bright colours to cheer your day. This one taken at Machu Picchu, whilst the stallholder was having a little nap, is probably the most multi-coloured photo I have.


This cute Rainbow Lorikeet seen at the Kurumba Bird Park in Australia, surely qualifies for the theme.


Here where I live in South Africa, this beach vendor cuts a very colourful figure as, on her way to work, she wears all her wares at the same time.


In Mauritius, the room at our resort was beautifully and colourfully welcoming when we arrived.


In Bangkok, it was really difficult to choose between all the brightly coloured sandals for sale, at the floating market, so in the end, I chose black. 🙂


Their long-tail boats were just as colourful.


In Singapore, this temple was a wonderful blaze of colour,


as was the Medina in Morocco.


Of course one doesn’t really have to hop on a plane in order to see bright colours. Just go down to your local supermarket,


or  flower shop.


If all else fails, buy some balloons and have a party.


To see more interpretations of both challenges, just click on the links above.

The CBBH Challenge requires me to give you links to two blogs which I enjoy. First up is my Swedish friend Viveka, at “My guilty pleasures” blog. You’ll always find something interesting and entertaining when you visit her.

Secondly, I’d like to introduce you to Gilly, the “Lucid Gypsy.” She writes poetry, stories, and shares wonderful pics from a really lovely part of England.

88 comments on “Colours for two photo challenges.

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  2. Bright … colorful … happy …. everything I love about color. The bird is beautiful. It looks like a 3D rainbow. Of course, the orchids are calling me to come and adopt them all. Purples … my favorite. Great selction of photos for the challenge. Love them …………..

  3. I like your people and street shots. They are so vibrant – they pulsate with energy. And on a more trivial note – I like the way the hotel folded their towels. How lovely.

  4. The world is a colourful place.. I love the colours of fresh vegetables… I suppose thats where dye first came from!!!

  5. I can’t believe I nearly missed the Peruvian lady, the lorikeet and the chance to choose some flip flops! Gorgeous images my dear and I’m very flattered that you picked me, thanks so much 🙂 i love visiting you too.

    • Hahaha. Glad you liked the flip flops. I bet you didn’t choose black. 🙂 I’ve also noticed that some of my favourite posts don’t appear in reader. 😦

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  7. Oh, I so love all the colours AD. What a great post! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. I love them all! *hugs*

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  9. How wonderful that this week’s WPC combines to effortlessly with my monthly CBBH challenge, Sylvia.. I’m sure you wont be alone in combining the two!

    AAwwww bless the stall holder in your first photo for having a little nap – wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing links to two wonderful blogs you enjoy visiting. Great choice.

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  11. AWESOME displays,my friend,LOVE the bird towards the top 😀

    BTW,mdae some adjustments on my page,next ime you comment,hopefully it will be less hassle 🙂

  12. You have a way of looking at the ordinary and bringing out the extraordinary. There is a story behind every one of your photos that speaks to the energy of community and individual effort. I think the Picasso quote is a profound benediction.

  13. I wonder why some cultures have so much more color than others…. I love color (or colour) any way you want to spell it. I don’t understand the fad of turning photos into B&W now that we’ve developed the technology to be able to produce coloured images……

  14. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos for us -I especially like that with me, she was most impressed with those pictures of swans and heart – it’s really a full picture of love – a nice day and keep thank you very, very much for a wonderful comment – for me to keep the blog a nice day id sends enjoy reading your blog maxima

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