A perfect autumn day in paradise.

Some of you who haven’t seen me on your blogs, might have been wondering what I’ve been doing for the past couple of days. Well, the weather here has been absolutely perfect, around 26 C, humidity in the low 50’s and wind speed only about 8 km. This is the best time of year here on the south-east coast of South Africa.

On Tuesday I had to spend some time traipsing around our local ‘Theatre of Shopping’, as our nearest big mall is described. I was looking for suitable presents for my mom and sister who both have birthdays within a day of each other. I found mom a lovely duvetΒ  set, but do you think I could find the elusive turquoise top that my sister wants. Not a chance, so when I see her today, we’ll go searching again at a different mall.

Yesterday, after playing piano for two hours at our local shopping centre, I definitely needed to get out and breathe in the fresh sea air. Our shops are full of winter boots, jerseys, jackets, scarves and woolly hats, but this is the best way to dress for our wonderful climate.


The beach wasn’t very busy, except for a few fishermen on the rocks.


There was also someone doing a bit of spear fishing.


I didn’t see him spear anything, I just saw his flippers disappearing under the water.


In a couple of week’s time, these aloes, of which there are many along the beachfront, will be blooming bright orange.


I was delighted to see that the missing piece of plaster at the top of the lighthouse, had been repaired and repainted, although the red doesn’t quite match, as the original paint has faded. I think they should have splashed out and repainted the whole thing.


Of course, not everyone here is on holiday, and these window cleaners were busy on one of the apartment blocks. Their platform was swaying around quite a lot, and I was really glad it wasn’t me up there.


There was one little snag here in paradise. The tractor which is used to launch the boats at Grannies Pool,


seems to be somewhat out of action. I wonder how this happened.


I’m off up the hill to meet my mom and sister for lunch, and then I’m bringing mom back to stay with us here in paradise for a few days, as it’s her 88th birthday on Sunday. We’ll probably be out and about quite a bit, so I may not be on the blogs much, but will endeavour to catch up as and when I can. Have a great weekend.

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  1. Another beautiful day in Paradise, Sylvia! Too bad about the elusive turquoise top. Love that aloe tree and would love to see it in bloom. πŸ™‚

  2. We get the best autumn days in CT as well – you have some bad days and then some lovely ones to make up for them, yay! Like now, after the storm it’s gorgeous out there! Hope your mom’s birthday was awesome – catching up again so I’ll get there eventually πŸ™‚

  3. Dashed wonderful entry!! I have long wanted to go to South Africa, especially to delve into the surf and do a bit of skin diving with the sharkies. All right. I would like to live there with the sharkies forever. Loved the photo of spear-fisherman’s flipper, oh that made me briny heart skip…Aye this is paradise indeed. That lighthouse is heaven. Fantastic!! So enjoyed this, and a MOST gruntling birthday to your mum!! Cheers,

    Autumn Jade

    • Well, thank you so much for your wishes for mom’s birthday. I’m sure you would really enjoy a visit here, but our sharks aren’t very friendly at all.

      • No, I suppose they would not be considered the most friendly here, either- or rather, prone to make errors. Naturally shy. Yet, there I am swimming with them all the same; I just cannot keep away, it is bally pathetic. A shark breaches and I rush in with my goggles and flippers whilst surfers are rushing out.

        I have had a few rare experiences swimming with black-tips that were curious and swam alongside me. I’ve swum with tiger sharks, as well, but they were very shy and dissipated rather quickly.

        I believe Florida (where I loom) waters are the shark-bite capital of the world, due to the murky conditions, sharks making mistakes, nipping ankles especially- but generally our sharks are not the most lethal, like the ones of South Africa, Aussie, etc. Of course, I want to study them and so I get carried away in my enthusiasm. Not to be reckless, but because I am an absolutely obsessed fanatic, absolutely dripping in shark paraphernalia, constantly spouting about sharks, thinking about them non-stop….er, I mean, because I am so compelled to learn more about them in a perfectly sound and sober manner.

        P.S. I know I’d love to visit there, with or without sharks, for what you have described sounds like paradise indeed (though I doubt I could look at those waves breaking just beyond that gorgeous lighthouse and not go dashing into the surf!). It is pathetic….I spend more time upside down in the sea than I do walking about upright.

        Sorry, I fear I just babbled on and on. Atrocious of me…

        Best wishes and regards,

        Autumn Jade

  4. Happy birthday to your Mum… lovely photos πŸ™‚ You look great Sylvia .. it must be your paradise πŸ˜‰

  5. Beautiful photos AD of your paradise. Enjoy the beautiful weather, and birthday wishes to Mom:)

  6. Hello AD. I was on Letterdash a few years back (40-something) and I have always followed your posts and still do. I have now joined WP and will see how things go. I have to still find my way around and learn how it works. Hope you mom had a great birthday πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you for this beautiful post .Your work is always so soft looking and beautiful Have nice day,with love Maxima

  8. A joyous celebration! Happy Birthday to your mother – I am celebrating with you…

    β€œWith mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”
    ― William Shakespeare

  9. Beautiful collection of photos. I agree they should have painted the entire top of the lighthouse. This one is beautiful.


  10. Seems we’re taking it in turns. I’m just beginning to get caught up after the trip. Have fun and we’ll still be here I’m sure.

  11. You certainly do live in paradise! Thank you so much for taking me on a walk with you today and Happy Birthday to your mom and sister πŸ˜€ Have a wonderful time πŸ˜‰

  12. so lucky to have a good climate. It’s blooming cold at night in Cape Town. hope you have some great birthday celebrations πŸ™‚

  13. Here’s another b’day wish for her on Sunday! ((B’day Wish)) Keep it safely!
    It was a lovely day, and our Pooch Pack filled with joy at a good long beach walk.

  14. I think I’d get a house over there just for winter, it seems like you’re having perfect weather.
    Happy birthday to your mom. Spoil her rotten πŸ˜‰

  15. Lovely weather for Autumn AD … glad wind speed low ! Can remember whipping wind and blown sand ‘scouring’ our faces along some beach along the south coast of SA when we visited ….
    Wishing you lovely celebrations with your family …. time for some more scrunmdidlydumptious cake πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, Poppy. Yes, I’ve been on the beach when that wind devil started to do its thing. Not at all pleasant.

  16. yes…it certainly looks like paradise to me!!! I look forward to seeing the photos of the Aloe plant in bloom, I’ve never seen them flowering before…I do agree the red is way off…I see that in the photo…I suppose they figured it would eventually fade? πŸ™‚

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  18. I don’t know about autumn, isn’t it winter, the equivalent of mid November in the northern hemisphere πŸ˜•
    I remember someone remarking that South African winters are better than UK summers 8)

  19. Some stunning photos here … the top one with the vessels and the light house.
    Shopping is never wrong. I love the way you talk us through your day … 88 years !! Fantastic, my mum will be 91 this July. Great weekend to you too. Enjoy when ever you share your world with us.

  20. I would have been scarce too if we had such lovely weather and scenes to photograph hon, so don’t feel bad but thank you very much for sharing these lovely photo’s. Love the photo of you, you gorgeous lady! πŸ™‚ *big hugs*

  21. This is the time of year I most like to be in Natal. Summer is just too hot for me there. Great capture on the flipper there. Wow, 88, congratulations and happy early birthday to your mom.

  22. I hope your Mum and Sister enjoy their special days, eat some lunch for me…mine will be a cheese sandwich! πŸ™‚

  23. Lovely! Have a great time with your mother and enjoy her birthday too. Hope you get what you want for your sister. This was a real good paradise session. Thanks for sharing.

  24. A little bit of paradise is exactly where you stay, and would not expect to see you in any other clothes than those, considering you wear it in the snow as well… and when the aloes flower is it not said the sardines are on their way.??
    I think the tractor rode over one of those spiney fish that lurk below the sea surface…
    Love this post… makes me realise how I miss the coast…

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