Scene from my window

I see that there is a “Thursday’s Lingering Look at Windows” challenge going on, so today I thought I would post the view from my bedroom window. It’s such a lovely day here. The sea and sky are a beautiful blue, and those ships look rather grand.


I was thinking about what I see through my windows, and was reminded of a couple of years ago when at dinner time, looking out of the window, my attention was often drawn to a cute courting couple on our neighbours’ TV aerial. Every evening they were there, sometimes they were standing close together, and occasionally, they would sit one each end, as though they’d had a fall out. One evening, I noticed that there was only one bird, and that she seemed to be looking all around in a state of extreme agitation.


After quite a while she flew away, but a couple of minutes later she returned, closely followed by her boyfriend, who fluttered around her, trying to make up. She was however having none of it. She was obviously upset at being stood up, and wanted her boyfriend to suffer a bit,


He was banished to the other end of the aerial. Doesn’t he look remorseful? That sure taught him not to be late for a date.


They didn’t turn up for a few days, and then one grey evening, they returned, and I was so relieved to see that they were at least back on speaking terms.Β  I’m not a matchmaker, but I do take an interest. πŸ™‚


Windows are such interesting things to look out of, aren’t they? We take our clear glass windows for granted, but there was a time when only the very wealthy could afford to have such a luxury. I was reading about how window glass was developed and how dark people’s homes were before it became an affordable commodity.Β

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62 comments on “Scene from my window

  1. What an amusing post. So even birds have lovers’ quarrels. Someone must have been offended by an insensitive tweet. πŸ™‚

  2. You have a great view AND lovely birdie neighbours, cool on both counts.I love the story going on between the birds… aww… (and the link to the history of windows was fascinating too) Great post!!!

  3. And they lived happily ever after….

    There are so many narratives that are within our reach – just outside our window.. Thank you for sharing this precious story…

  4. I think my look outof your window might be more than lingering there AD .. fascinating all those ships passsig by . I love those HUGE container ships all loaded up with goodness knows what !

    • Yes, I often wonder what in those ships, and about the crew waiting impatiently to get into port so they can have some shore time and a bit of Durban night life. πŸ™‚

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  6. A lovely view for sure AD and I am also glad the two “lovebirds” made up. Thanks for sharing. πŸ˜€ *hugs*

  7. They look like starlings of some sort… and there is definitely a marriage problem there… nice to witness it out your window though… love the ships… I can spend hours sitting looking at them, and here you can see them out the window…

  8. Loved the cute little couple πŸ™‚ I also loved the article about the history of glass and windows….Fascinating!!!!

  9. The key word is “lingering”. Often, a look from our window is a quick,cursory look. Lingering and curiosity enabled you to write a love story about the birds. Yes, you’re a matchmaker. πŸ™‚

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