“A little bird told me” for Sidey’s theme.

Yesterday, a not so little little bird, pecking away at the dune foliage, told me


that it’s midwinter here at the seaside.



Do you believe him? πŸ˜•

This post is in answer to my South African blog friend’s, weekend theme, “A little bird told me.” There will be a new challenge out this weekend. Why not join in too?

52 comments on ““A little bird told me” for Sidey’s theme.

  1. I think wintering there would be very enjoyable! Our winters are foggy and cold. Once in a great while we get down to freezing. Never do we swim during the winter where we live. At the coast a little ways away, the weather is pleasant, but the water is cold. πŸ™‚

  2. Winter … ???!!! And we have summer … amazing thought really. Great to land in your happy place. Still some brave people in the water … even if winter, I bet your winter is much more warmer than mine is. *smile

    • Well, there’s still time, Poppy, although the long term forecast isn’t very promising. πŸ˜•
      What ever you do, please don’t do your rain dance at the beginning of August.

    • It’s hardly “Flaming June,” is it? I really don’t envy you the yucky British weather. It had better warm up before we arrive in August.

  3. So far, our summer has been on the cool side and I’m totally happy with that! Hot days and I don’t get along too well.

  4. That’s the nice thing about the ocean you have there – always warm πŸ˜‰
    In the rest of the suckheap, jackets and scarves are at the order of the day!!

  5. Sigh… you are doing my head in… it’s officially summer here today and true to form we have thunder and rain… Grrr .
    I think a South African midwinter clearly beats a Dutch summer hands down!!!

  6. I always though Durban (you are around Durban, aren’t you Sylvia?) was like Brisbane, but I think you must be warmer – or the sea is, though perhaps our beaches would be as crowded with ‘southerners’ up from Melbourne and Adelaide for a mid-winter break! Incredible.

    • Thanks, Meredith. We’re on the Indian Ocean, which is very mild. It’s a very popular place especially for the next few weeks when the schools are on holiday. πŸ™‚

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