Two Tropical Paradises for Sue’s theme.

Sue’s ‘Word a Week’ challenge is ‘Tropical’, and she’s posted some amazing pics of an island in Malaysia where she has recently been on vacation, so do go and have a look.

I’ve been to so many tropical paradises over the years that I found it difficult to select just a few pics, but I restrained myself and decided to stop at just two and a bit.

Punta Cana is named after the palm trees native to that region, and literally translates to “Point of the White Cane Palms.”


It’s the major resort area in the Dominican Republic, and has an average temperature of 30Β°C. The pure white beaches are so beautiful, and there was just enough breeze to wave the palm fronds and offset the heat.


The azure sea is calm and safe for bathing and sailing.


It did make me wonder about this though, when I saw the old ship wreck just off shore.


Bora Bora in French Polynesia, is a seven million year island of volcanic origin, completely surrounded by coral reefs.


Its real name is ‘Pora Pora’ meaning ‘Firstborn’. There is actuallyΒ  no ‘b’ sound in the Tahitian language, but the people who discovered the island thought the inhabitants said ‘Bora Bora’ and that name has stuck. It is located about 160 miles northwest of Tahiti, and was discovered in 1722. The author James A Michener described it as the most beautiful island on the planet. It is indeed a very romantic destination, and is very popular with honeymoon couples.


Its beautiful blue lagoon was described by the author James A Michener, as as “so stunning, that there are really no adequate words to describe it.”


We spent an idyllic week there, just lazing around as one is wont to do in the tropics. What more can be expected, when one has turquoise waters, lush scenery and lots of pampering? πŸ™‚


Next stop was Tahiti. This was taken from our canoe, looking back at the island.


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63 comments on “Two Tropical Paradises for Sue’s theme.

  1. I’ve been to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. My sister went to medical school in DR. You captured the peaceful tranquility of the beach in those pix’s.
    Bora Bora in French Polynesia – the essence of a paradise to savor. Who could resist a long … long stay.
    Great entries for the challenge, Sylvia.

  2. I could certainly use a week on a tropical island sipping on cocktails and soaking up the sun. What fabulous places you have visited AD πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Colline. I believe that wreck is a ferry that ran aground there, having mistaken the lights of the resort for the harbour lights.

  3. Spent a week in Maui for our 25th. When in the morning you can walk up to your neck in warm water and still see your toes….

    inspirational pics!

  4. A gorgeous gallery,that is likely to make all your readers check flights to topical islands Sylvia πŸ™‚

  5. Oh Wow!!! I’m in love with the whole romantic idea of the whole place. So, this is what heaven looks like? I’m in awe and hope one day I get there! Hugs and have a great day. Paula xxx

  6. OH so nice AD . I can never get over the colour of tropical seas … such anticipation seeing from the air I think too πŸ˜‰

  7. I suspect I would be bored out of my mind and staying inside with the A/C… but it looks like a wonderful place for folks like you to enjoy! Beautiful photos at any rate! Isn’t it wonderful that this planet offers something for everyone?

    • I’m sure if you happened to find yourself there, Gunta, you’d steel yourself, grab your camera and tripod and get some amazing photos. πŸ™‚

  8. Seems delicious…I have never been to a tropical paradise, but if I would go, I guess it would be Bora Bora. What pictures you have shot and what places you have been…you are one lucky woman.

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