Wordless B&W Teddy Bears for Sonel’s theme

These sweet Teddies have never stirred

Or been heard to utter a word.

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67 comments on “Wordless B&W Teddy Bears for Sonel’s theme

  1. Lovely picture, but all SO serious – not one smiley teddy to be seen. In fact, they look like a bunch of orphans waiting and hoping for adoption…

  2. They do get up to mischief when we are not looking! ……. I know mine do…. and they look so innocent… 🙂
    I do love teddies to bits!

  3. So cute – I particularly love the one with the scarf. I used to stay in a Melbourne B&B when commuting there for a project – they had themed rooms, and one of them was Teddy Bears – the double bed was very crowded!

  4. I wonder what they would speak of, if they could. What a great collection for the challenge. I really enjoyed participating in Sonel’s challenge this week, too. Good to be inspired.

  5. How wonderful that these guys all have found a home with you…and that you let kids play with them. So often you see things like your bears kept all pristine…not at all what they were meant for.

    • Thanks, Amy. I always bring them downstairs when children come to visit. They love playing with them, and it keeps them occupied so that we grown-ups can chat in peace. 🙂

  6. Oh, they are so adorable AD and great shots hon! Thanks so much for taking part! You are the sweetest and it’s so much appreciated. 😀 *big hugs*

    • Thanks so much, Sonel It was such a fun challenge, and I told them that if they promised to be on their best behaviour, I would feature them in their own special post. 😀 xx

      • hehehehe, so that is why they looks like butter won’t melt in their little mouths? Please tell them they looked totally adorabale and give them each a big hug and kiss from me please. 😀 xxx

  7. Great subjects for a Toys challenge in B&W, especially being today is Wordless Wednesday. These little bears were certainly up to the challenge(s). 🙂

  8. I see that a dog, a bull and a lion are peeking out from amongst all those lovely teddies AD 😉

    • Yes he is, and he’s American. My son sent him over with a friend, a few years ago. He wasn’t too thrilled at having to carry a wooden teddy in his back pack, but he owed my son a favour. 😀

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