CBBH Challenge: Ancient & Modern

One of the most ancient sites I’ve visited recently, is the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England. I remember visiting Stonehenge many years ago, when one could just park at the side of the road and walk across the field to it. At that time, there was no-one minding the site, and you could just climb all over the stones at will. This time, it was quite a different experience, as it is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. We had to queue for ages to get into the car park, which of course wasn’t free, and then wait in line for almost an hour in the wind and rain, to buy tickets to get into the actual site. We couldn’t go anywhere near the stones, as it was all cordoned off, so had to be content with taking photos from some distance away. If you look closely,Β  you can see a few ‘modern’ people behind the ‘ancient’ stones.


I had Marianne’s challenge in mind though, so got hubby to take a pic of me taking a pic with my iPhone. I’m very sure the people who built Stonehenge all those thousands of years ago, could never have envisaged such a device. πŸ™‚


Whilst in Cornwall a few weeks ago, we visited the Castle of St. Michael’s Mount. There is a row of ancient cannons along the medieval battlements, presumably put there to defend the castle from invaders.

Sit me on top of one of them, and you have a combination of both ancient and modern. (Well, I do like to think that this granny is fairly modern.)Β  πŸ™‚


Last but not least, is the old Wheal Coates tin mine which I just had to see for myself after admiring Chillbrook’s wonderful photos of places around Cornwall.


Some of you have seen this before, but it does fit in with the ancient and modern, so here it is again. Quite fortuitously, whilst I was gazing upwards, an intrepid and very modern paraglider obligingly drifted into view.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my ‘ancient and modern’ pics for the CBBH Challenge. There’ll be a new challenge out at the beginning of September, so watch out for it and do take part.

My two recommended bloggers for this month are:

George Weaver of the ‘She Kept a Parrot’ blog. Her “random thoughts, ideas and photographs” are really fascinating.

Mariayarri’s photography blog is simply stunning and she always has an English translation for those of us who don’t understand Swedish. Yarri is Maria’s beloved dog, with whom she shares her adventures.


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  1. What an interesting post! Your photographs with the iPhone are really good too. I’m impressed. I can’t hold my phone steady enough to use it for photos. Thank you for the mention here. You are too kind. I just saw your comment on my “About” page. I’m sorry it took so long. I would love to see Stonehenge too. And, I do remember the photo of the paraglider at the old tin mine. That mine building makes for a very interesting image.

    Thanks again for your kindness!

  2. I never knew that part of Stonehenge. I have wondered how close people can get to it. Well thanks for the enlightenment.
    And now, I can google when was the last time they allow people to get close to the stone. Once I find out, then I figure your approximate age. πŸ˜€ It’s just that it’s so hard to tell. You look so young!

  3. Stonehenge is really something…I would like to see it again, because i was only a young girl when I visited. Great shots and perfect match, indeed! And you’re a lovely canon girl too…

    I also enjoyed your take on Chillbrooks sites very much. Nice combo.

  4. OH yes, I enjoyed your photos very much, Sylvia. It was quite something for you to arrange for the hang-glider to make a “fly-past” just at the right time!!

    Thanks for sharing the links – I’ll make my way over there now πŸ™‚

    Great entry!

  5. As always – Thanks for sharing your travels. With your pics & descriptions it feels like I’m traveling with you πŸ™‚
    George is a great recommendation. She is awesome!
    I just stopped by to visit Maria. Will be following her too. I love catching what others have to share in their adventures with photography.

    • Thanks so much, RoSy. I so agree with you about George. πŸ™‚ I also love seeing the world through the camera lenses of the awesome bloggers on WP.

  6. You barely just made it, Ad. (unlike me, who intended to but never got there- and I had a whole month!)
    Such a shame about Stonehenge. I have no real desire to go there though I’ve never been. St. Michael’s Mount though- there’s a place I’d love to see, no matter which one of you is ancient or modern πŸ™‚

    • I think that the longer we have to do something, the more likely we are to miss the deadline. πŸ™‚ Yes, St Michael’s Mount is well worth a visit.

  7. I feel lucky AD to have been able to freely roam around Stonehenge many years ago too. It’s quite some place though isn’t it – crowds or no crowds .
    How clever of you to have Marianne’s challenge in mind – you made a brilliant composition for it !

    • Thanks, Poppy. We bloggers tend to gear our pics towards certain challenges that may or may not be coming up. πŸ˜† Yes, I also feel privileged that I was once able to see and actually touch Stonehenge without all the security and crowds, although I know I didn’t appreciate just how lucky I was at the time.

  8. It’s lovely to see England through your eyes! The whole Stonehange thing makes me cross, its stood perfectly well for millenia so why does it have to be locked up now?

  9. Great shots and entry for the challenge AD. I think what the author Erich von DΓ€niken have to say about Stonehenge and the fact that it was Ancient Aliens might be true. πŸ˜€

  10. These photos of all 3 sights are fantastic on their own and together they make a great reply to the challenge. Love how you brought the Modern into each one. πŸ™‚
    (Nice to see a photo of you. Now I can associate a face with the writings.)

  11. I lived in UK for so many years .. and I never made to Stonehenge – I don’t really know why. Your photos with the smartphone in the foreground is very creative and cool. And you suit that canon. *smile

    • Lucky you, Tandy. I think it was because we were there at peak holiday time. Unfortunately we had no choice because of the 100th birthday being at the beginning of August. πŸ™‚

  12. What a wonderful post. So nice to SEE you ! I do not know if I can do this challenge based on time but your post is wonderful!!!

  13. I think that is too bad that they do not let people get close to the Stonehenge any more. I can understand the reason why they need to do this.

    You definitely are modern πŸ˜‰

  14. Stunning photos ! Stonehenge is very special … And iΒ΄m glad that you share your photos with us … My favorite photo this time, is the one of you ! … A very modern and beautiful woman ! πŸ™‚

    And thank you so much that you recommend my blog, I really appreciate your so kind words … I struggle with my english but i hope most of you understand what iΒ΄m writing // Maria

  15. Stonehenge is a site I would like to visit some day. What a pity it has been fenced off. I am sure this has spoiled the visit a little.

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