A Word a Week Challenge: Arches – Spain and Morocco

Sue’s challenge this week is to post photos of arches which we have admired enough to capture on camera. Here are some of mine.

There are many arches at the Alhambra Palace in Granada.


Here is a very leafy one in the lovely gardens there.

Look at the intricate workmanship surrounding this beautiful arch.


Taking a furtive peep through a doorway in Morocco, this is what I saw.


They really do have the best arches in Spain and Morocco.


The Mosque–Cathedral of CΓ³rdoba, has the most stunning arches I’ve ever seen. The red and white double arches consisting of a lower horseshoe arch and an upper semi-circular arch, rest on 856 columns, which were crafted from jasper, onyx, marble and granite.


Of course we can’t think of Spanish architecture without mentioning Antonio Gaudi. A giant mirror cleverly reflects this arch on the roof of the Casa Mila in Barcelona.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my selection of arches for Sue’s theme. To see more bloggers’ pics, just click here.

72 comments on “A Word a Week Challenge: Arches – Spain and Morocco

  1. What a stunning selection Sylvia. I just love them! Great shots hon and thanks for sharing. πŸ˜€ *big hugs*

  2. Seeing these gorgeous arches, I can almost feel the warmth in the air, the fragrance of the flowers. Makes me want to pack my bags and immerse myself in the rich cultural sites in some warm faraway land right now! Lovely to be back and to see you again Sylvia! Sharon

  3. I recognized the Sevilla pictures! Even the leafy arch, I remember it. Thanks for the memory nudge. I wonder if I still have the picture of that same spot. I lost most of my old pictures. 😦

  4. Think I nipped in and out of a few of those arches AD at the Alhambra .. What a place . Fortunately lots of shady spots to sit and contemplate the beauty of it all too . Lovely images πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Georgia. I look forward to seeing your pics. I wasn’t blogging when we visited this amazing place, or I’m sure I would have taken many more pics. πŸ™‚

  5. you do have a variety of arches in your collection – all captured the intricate work and care that must have gone into creating these masterpieces. lovely β™₯

  6. Ah we have the same love of Moorish architecture! Your photos are stunning especially the white one where the arch leads to a whole load more enticing places.

    • Thanks, Gilly. Yes this style of architecture is so attractive, and I agree with you about that white archway. It invites exploration, but on the other hand, it looks quite private in there.

  7. I always enjoy your entries to any challenge… and your ability to always post the most magnificent photos from all over the world…
    What you need is one of those little world maps with pins showing all the places you’ve been…

    • Thanks so much again, bulldog. I know that there are many more places I’ve yet to explore, and even then, I’ll only have made a small dent in the treasures our beautiful world has to offer. πŸ™‚

  8. Syliva, wonderful photos … all of them. Alhambra Palace what a stunning place, never been to Granada, but been to Seville. Casa Mila – just love the angle of that roof – never seen that before anywhere – excellent. One of my favorite photos of yours. I will save it – is that okay with you???

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