WPC From Lines to Patterns: At Green Cay Nature Reserve.

On Saturday we decided to visit one of our local Florida nature reserves. I was looking for alligators to show Phil, but they must have all been sleeping in the reeds, for we didn’t see even a tiny one. We did however see some wonderful birds which I’ll show you in another post. I was thinking about the ‘Lines to Patterns’ challenge as we set off along the boardwalk. As we walked along the lines of the wooden boards, I could see the pattern of what looked like rain clouds in the sky.


A fellow nature lover was coming towards us, and as we drew level with one another, she stopped and pointed at something in front of us. “There’s a lion right there,” she announced. Now. a lion was certainly not something I was expecting to see in Florida, but sure enough, right at our feet was a knot in the wood which closely resembled a lion’s face. I’m sure I would have just walked right on over that lion if she hadn’t told me it was there.


I loved the pretty pattern of these wild flowers amongst the lines of the surrounding grasses.


The majestic palm trees had many lines on their trunks, leading up to the lovely pattern created by their fronds.


This one even had an extra bit of pattern.


We enjoyed a bit of welcome shade inside this Chickee hut. As you can see, the dried palm fronds have been made into thatch to create this interesting roof pattern. These huts have quite a history. They were invented in the early 1800’s, when the Florida Seminole and Miccosukee tribes were chased into the Everglades by American troops. As they needed to be always on the move, they required shelters that could be easily constructed and taken down at a moment’s notice. Chickee is the Seminole word for ‘house’, and these huts consisted of thick cypress posts which supported a thatched roof, and had a raised wooden platform. In 1990, the Seminole tribes were granted the right to build these huts wherever they could find business, regardless of zoning and without special permits. They are now a reliable source of income for the Seminoles and can be found at some of the finest Florida resorts and private homes.


As we neared the end of our 2km walk, i noticed how the straight lines of the roof on the Interpretive centre, contrasted very nicely with the pattern of fluffy clouds above it.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my lines and patterns for this week’s challenge.

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  2. I have always said that I see the world differently with a camera in my hand … and so to you. Wonderful lines and patterns – my favorite just have to be the “lion” !!! Well spotted. Alligators … did you see any ??? *smiling.

  3. I saw the lion right away–how cool–like Aslan. I am not sure I would go “looking” for alligators.

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  5. Great post, ad. It reminded me how eager I am getting to be in Florida again. We will be on the road in about a month. πŸ™‚

      • We spend a about 4 month in SW Florida – in Naples. My husband’s brother had a condo there and we could stay free in January for a good many of the past 30 years. We liked it so bought a small condo when the prices were low. I like the sub-tropical warmth in winter.

  6. Wonderful post ! … I agree that there was a lion … And then i saw an orchid, (between the lion and the palm photo) that looks like one of them that you can see here were i live … Dactylorhiza maculata … Or if i shall try to do a direct translation from the Swedish name it would be Virgin MarieΒ΄s Keys … // Maria πŸ™‚

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  8. That really does look like a lion indeed, Neat to see wood shape like that so naturally! Always did want to live in a house or building with that kind of roof on the bottom πŸ™‚

  9. Amazing what you can see close by. Palm trees are always my favorite, but the lion is great. Maybe those on Survivor need to take some lessons from the Seminoles.

    • Thanks, Lynne. Yes, those Seminoles had the right idea. I wonder how quickly they could assemble and disassemble these huts. Not quite as fast as a tent, I wouldn’t imagine, but being up off the ground, they did have more protection against dangerous creatures.

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