Ed’s Sunday Stills: Creepy Things

Ed, “a truck driving photographer from Tennessee” has come up with ‘Creepy Things’ for this week’s Sunday Stills Challenge.

I guess there are quite a few things in this wide world that creep me out. Some of you might find it surprising, that I can’t bear to look at the garishly made-up faces of clowns. I know they are supposed to be great kids’ entertainment, but they have always really scared me. I also steer clear of those people dressed up in funny costumes, who wander around shopping malls, giving out lollipops and wanting to shake your hand, or worse still, give you a hug. Not so surprising, is the fact that I don’t enjoy seeing pics of body builders on steroids, especially female ones, and of course, large hairy spiders and those really obvious fake eyelashes that resemble spiders crawling out of the eyes, really freak me out.

I’m also not that keen on being greeted by this guy when I walk into my local pharmacy.


Placing a ghoulish figure next to the bread stand, is guaranteed to be very good for my waistline. πŸ™‚


I know it will soon be Halloween, but wouldn’t this display in the front garden, keep even your best friends from visiting?


Maybe the people who live here are just plain mean, and are really trying to scare away those little Trick-or-Treaters. What do you think?


I hope my spooky pics haven’t frightened you away, and if you would also like to share yours, just go to Ed’s post.

72 comments on “Ed’s Sunday Stills: Creepy Things

  1. It’s incredible how quickly they start to decorate for each holiday. I have been overwhelmed with the Christmas items on shelves I saw today. EEEkkkk ….!!!!
    Nice horror pix’s you’ve showcased, Sylvia. I’m not a big Halloween or horror person. I’m happy for those who do like it. ~~~~` : – O

  2. πŸ˜† @ bodybuilder that are high on steriods got thrown into the mix. I’m never heard of any costumes or scary cosmetics. I know that they’re fake. It’s when they boo you that makes me jump.

  3. Whoo extreme Halloween you’ve found already !
    I’ll just go with a pumpkin AD πŸ™‚
    They are frightening enough in our house …
    Last year in the night the carefully balanced top of ours slid off onto the dresser base and Lottie jumped the stair gate for the first time ever and took refuge upstairs with us … I had no idea what on earth was going on ….

    • Very wise just to stop at one pumpkin, Poppy. It sounds as though that’s all you and yours can cope with. Poor Lottie must have got such a terrible fright. πŸ˜€

  4. LOL Sylvia. Love that first shot and it must be quite entertaining to see that when you walk into a store. Wish they had that kind of ‘creepy’s’ here. I will have to think hard for this challenge then because this kind of thing doesn’t creep me out at all. Most people creep me out, not sights like this as I am quite a horror fan. πŸ˜†

  5. Good grief! They are creepy! Haha! I hate big hairy spiders too. I have a visceral response to the sight of one! What a clever and entertaining post, Sylvia! BOO!

  6. you have captured the horror of halloween …. I think monsters are supposed to resonate with rejected parts of ourselves …. perhaps by having fun with ghouls now and then we can be better people?

  7. Wow, I’m well impressed by that last display. It sure must have taken some effort. That’s dedication to the cause!

    In relation to your clown comments, I’ve long found the ice cream van music quite disturbing. I think it’s because many of them are aged so it sounds distorted and slightly out of tune. It always makes me think of demonic horror films.

    • Now you come to mention it, Lance, I also don’t like to hear the ice cream van. I’m sure I’ve seen a couple of scary movies and detective episodes, where the ice cream man was the creepy villain.

    • Glad I’m not the only one. There’s even a name for this fear. It’s ‘coulrophobia’. No I haven’t read the book. I see that a film was made of it, but I can imagine that it must be terrifying. 😯

    • The shop ones were taken only yesterday, and they’ve been up a while already. One of our neighbours has already decorated his front garden. The really scary pics were taken a couple of years ago in new Jersey.

  8. I share the same feeling with you about people dressing up in any of these costumes. The mocked ones (not a real people) as store decoration are ok for me.

  9. True. I really don’t understand the desire to put up these scary and ugly things in store windows and yards. They make it look like monsters have come true. πŸ™‚

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